Have you meet Harry Plotter? New Plotting software

Not mine but thought I would share here.


Is this still use python plotting or they made plotting in kotlin?

I’ve been waiting for someone to call their plotting software this. :rofl:

Looks pretty cool and I’ll take a look later today.

You’re a farmer, harry!!


The official chia plotting [0] library is written in C++ which is used by chia-blockchain [1].
The C++ library can be used by the chia-blockchain python client through a python binding [2].
[0]: https://github.com/Chia-Network/chiapos
[1]: https://github.com/Chia-Network/chia-blockchain/blob/1.1.6/chia/plotting/create_plots.py#L8
[2]: https://github.com/Chia-Network/chiapos/blob/main/python-bindings/chiapos.cpp

Hmm, did not notice that.


Thanks for this! Plotting now. Will report back.

Having. trouble getting this running on my M1 mac Mini. Seems to be trouble with the java version. I get this error after typing the ./gradlew run command

Supplied javaHome must be a valid directory. You supplied: /Library/Internet Plug-Ins/JavaAppletPlugin.plugin/Contents/Home

Giving it a go on a windows 10
so far so good

i also wet to vote on a few issues

Hi Guys,
I have tried Harry Plotter for the last 24 Hours and I am a bit confused. Hoping someone with some more experience can help.
I don’t see anywhere to select how many concurrent plots to run (The Chia interface would have “Plot in Parallel” for example. I’m assuming you add the same job (4 times in my case as I’m running 1X 1TB NVMe) and run all.
My problem is the stagger time, I set it to 57% of the average time it takes for the 4 plots to complete and when selecting run all it does as I instructed - it staggers the start of each plot by 4.3Hrs. And without a stagger I cannot control the other job writing to my other 2 x 480GB SSDs.
So where can i find Plot in parallel as in the Chia software?
Thanks in advance

The logic seems to be very specific on how the developer thoughts on things.

From asking and looking at their GitHub:

The staggered settings under the top Settings button. Here you will details minutes, plots in page one and plots in page 2 - 4.

You create jobs and they’re settings. Settings would be what resources you want the plot to use etc. There is a “Stop After” which will limit the amount of plots to do for that job. Click save to add it to the jobs pane. You can create as many jobs you want or even duplicate/delete them ( right mouse click )

there are 2 ways:

1-Manual Operation
You select a particular job from the jobs pane and on the right side at the bottom select Start. The will start that particular job.
To start another just select it and click start.
The same goes for stop.
If you added a value in " Stop After " then each job will stop after that number
**None of the manual operations get controlled by the staggered settings

2- Automatic
On the bottom left click Start All, and all jobs o the pane will start. By using this method staggered settings get accounted and used.

Hope its makes sense.

Im still haven’t confirmed how to stop plots after the last job of a particular job ends

Sorry, haven’t gone the Mac router just yet, maybe ask in their GitHub

@cojarbi Thank you for your input here, I was making something rather simple too complicated. I put in a 20 minute stagger and all is good now.


video cài đặt ,mình không rành cái này

Hi Guys,

Does anyone have any idea how you would go about plotting the new plots with harry plotter?
I had a look at the below:

And they mentioned this:

If you are using the CLI or a 3rd party plotter, hover your mouse over the question mark in the Plot NFT page, and copy the Pool Contract Address. This is the address that you need to use while plotting, by specifying the -c argument. Note: When plotting using the CLI for pooling, do NOT use the -p argument anymore, only -c. You can still specify the -f argument like before, and other arguments have not changed.

does anyone know where would i put the address into harry plotter?

Many thanks

I don’t think you could make a poolable plot with this plotter. The latest update is 6 Jun. Just use MadMax or the official plotter instead.

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