Have you moved to racking / colocating servers in a datacenter yet?

One of the (many) cool things about chia is that you can host off whatever machine you have, and the easiest way to start is very simple

  • any desktop or laptop
  • with lots of hard drives connected
  • running the very nice Chia Windows / Linux / OS X client

However, you eventually get to a point where you kinda maybe don’t want that many computers and drives in your house :house: any more :wink: … this topic is for people considering colocating rackable servers, comparing pricing and so on.


I live in Australia. The selection of used/refurb server equipment is very lacking.

I managed to grab a used Promise Vtrak JX30 J630s for A$500 shipped. It’s a 16 bay 3.5" storage enclosure, that can support SATA drives without any adapters needed.

I know, maybe it’s a bit much, but keep in mind this is Australia. I literally could not find ANY other >12 bay storage enclosures that support SATA, on sale, on the resale market in Australia lol.

Now, time to fill it with shucked WD 18TB HDDs :slight_smile:

Any recommendations are welcome. I still need more HDD space. I’m looking to do 1PB total. (currently 512TB HDD capacity and ordered).


My current goals are to use equipment that I don’t mind being in the closet of my guest room, that won’t drive my wife nuts, and don’t break the bank too much. I’m probably about $2500 invested at this point, so I’m waiting to fill capacity I have and also to see what coin pricing looks like in May (especially with how bullish the whole crypto market is anyways right now, should be interesting).

@codinghorror what’s your current storage capacity you’re running at home?


man, this makes me feel like my 30TB is pointless, lol. I can’t imagine renting out DC space. Now only if I could bum off work, lol. I do believe they would not take kindly to me racking up my own stuff…

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Not yet, so far I have 20 drives connected to unused pc.

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“connect as many drives as possible to a PC” is a completely valid strategy and a good one! You can get PCI cards like this one that let you connect 16 drives … not at high speed, but for farming we don’t need high speed!

Also, pushing the limits of number of USB connected devices is also a valid strategy.

The reason I am experimenting with datacenter is we have one real close by, a local shop. And a friend of mine has agreed to help me out with it in exchange for half the chia generated there once we rack stuff. Hard drives are cool and all but I don’t want a house full of 'em… :house::floppy_disk:


Yeah , the advantage of this it’s easy to setup although bit messy + easier to sell external USB drives.

Howdy! We’re thinking of offering chia-related services at one of our colocation facilities, but haven’t yet calculated a price point that would be feasible for both our clients and ourselves. We have no problem keeping massive numbers of hard drives online and cooled for farming. For colocating a plotting server however, there’s extra power overhead and also the (more frequent) burden of swapping out NVMe drives…

Options for farming could be:

  • We colocate (client sends us) the HDDs and the arrays/servers;
  • We provide the arrays/servers, client sends us just the drives

Appreciate any thoughts on it! As always. :wink:


Oh awesome! I can vouch for @endoffice! I colocate several mini-pcs with them for a few years now! :raised_hands:


How much for 20U (or half-rack) on a 100mbps? And where are you located?

Greetings @JustinLloyd, the cost of colo is highly dependent on power, and special considerations for Chia include things like whether drives are syncing with a pool all at once. The efficiency of equipment being deployed is key as well of course.

Please message us directly so we can explore it further. (sales [at] endoffice [dot com]) Thanks!

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I know @codinghorror is or has already…

I just signed a contract today for a full cabinet in a beautiful data center about 10 minutes away from my house. I don’t have any rack-mount gear, but I ordered some shelves and I’m going to move my 2 towers and 5 NAS and 3 NUC setup, fronted by a fortinet firewall box.

I should have a decent amount of room left, so I can grow things later, but this is very exciting to get all of this stuff out of my house and off my electric bill.

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Nice, hopefully you got a good monthly rate. I’m also supporting a local business, and man, it is nice to have all this stuff at a proper server area…


Colocation can be a good idea, specially if you will receive a great deal.
I know that in the USA, Joes.Datacenter were very cheap for colo a few years ago.

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may I ask where you got it, mate? I am in aus as well, just bought my Xeon server off ebay last week and will be needing more storage very very soon