HDD beeping sound about every 13 seconds

Hello, any one have same strange things? When start Chia app and start ploting on my new Farmer PC I have now 3x 8T Seagate Barracuda IN and all have same song in same time every 13 sec. I have record a can send it.
And have same 3 unpacked. Tomorrow I will try to connect old 500G Western and write more.

Does anyone have the same boards and the same experience or where to look? Disk checks do not detect anything. It does not output sound when the disc is writing.

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Sounds like it might be parking heads/powering off servo for power saving.

My Seagate Exos drives made some interesting noises every few seconds before I disabled it (and respond quicker after long periods of inactivity, too - probably important for farming).

Check the manual for your disks first, but as an example :

For my Exos’s on Linux I grabbed GitHub - Seagate/openSeaChest: Cross platform utilities useful for performing various operations on SATA, SAS, NVMe, and USB storage devices. and ran:

$ openSeaChest_PowerControl -d /dev/sg8 --showEPCSettings
 openSeaChest_PowerControl - openSeaChest drive utilities - NVMe Enabled
 Copyright (c) 2014-2021 Seagate Technology LLC and/or its Affiliates, All Rights Reserved
 openSeaChest_PowerControl Version: 3.0.2-2_2_1 X86_64
 Build Date: May  3 2021
 Today: Thu May  6 20:28:03 2021	User: root

/dev/sg8 - ST18000NM000J-2TV103 - XXXXXXXX - ATA

===EPC Settings===
	* = timer is enabled
	C column = Changeable
	S column = Savable
	All times are in 100 milliseconds

Name       Current Timer Default Timer Saved Timer   Recovery Time C S
Idle A      1            *1            *1            1             Y Y
Idle B      1200         *1200         *1200         4             Y Y
Idle C      6000          6000          6000         20            Y Y
Standby Z   9000          9000          9000         110           Y Y

^ this shows the power-saving timer is enabled.

Disable with:

$ openSeaChest_PowerControl -d /dev/sg8 --EPCfeature disable

Check setting with:

$ openSeaChest_PowerControl -d /dev/sg8 --showEPCSettings
Name       Current Timer Default Timer Saved Timer   Recovery Time C S
Idle A      0            *1            *1            1             Y Y
Idle B      0            *1200         *1200         4             Y Y
Idle C      0             6000          6000         20            Y Y
Standby Z   0             9000          9000         110           Y Y

^ Current Timer having 0 is disabled


Hi Vitekorre. I thing you have 99% true. Now, when i runn app “SeaTools” soud too mising. This app stil comunicate wiht HDD. Cant go to PowerSaving. And soud gone. I thing, this is my last chance. Bud i download thisi openSeaChest in pc. Unzip and i see OpenSeaChest_PowerControl.exe but when I run it, it just flashes the window and nothing happens. Does he need a special approach? In this case, the problem is probably in me. =) But many thanks for describing the cause of the sound.

I think on Windows it is a terminal application so you would need to run cmd.exe as an Administrator user, then “cd c:\users\you\Downloads\seatools” or where it was downloaded, then run from there.