HDD Coin Announcement

Exchange Listing – HDDcoin Blockchain


Cool! Keep up the good work.

Does it means that this is a good coin to farm with the same plots as Chia?

Can this be installed along side chia and farmed at the same time?

You can farm Chia and any other fork in parallel with same plot files.

Explanation video:

Also consider farming Stor: https://stor.network

Stor will be listed on exchange this week.

Happy farming!

so we can duel farm our NFT plots?

I do not trust any copied/forked code that had wiped the git commit history… I do not understand why anyone should do this other than they wanna hide something. Or they are only some low skilled “devs” without knowledge about git.

I admire that I little messed up GitHub, but nothing is wiped out: https://github.com/Stor-Network/stor-blockchain/branches

Stor 1.0.3 is based on Chia 1.2.9.

I will try to improve GitHub workflow in the future. Also you can join/follow the Stor community on Discord channel ( https://discord.gg/K4Yu8ySwP6 ) that nothing is wrong with Stor farming.

Thank you for your understanding.

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You can dual farm with NFT plots, but after win you need to claim your 7/8 reward at https://alltheblocks.net/nft-recovery