Hdd overheating

Hi dear friends
I have connected 4 hdd 8TB WD purple to motherboard asus B365 m-a in a case.
In one of them I have installed windows 10
After 1-2 hours start plotting (single plot or 3 in parallel) , all of my hdd’s getting overheated so windows boot! Do you have any experience about this?
All hdd’s are new

I think to analyze the issue. There should be more inputs such as

  • airflow rate around the HDDs
  • Ambient temperature at that time in Celcius
  • Spacing between HDDs
  • how do you find out that Windows is rebooted bcus of overheating?
  • External/internal HDDs? Sata or USB?
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i am not mining or chia expert… but i am a hardware one:). Hdds dont overheat unless extreme conditions or faulty hardware. i have worked with hdd in very tight server spaces and still overheating has never an issue unless they were near heat source and had like absolutely no ventilation. Try the removing all panels from your case and add 1-2-3 fans blowing or removing air (since you take out all panels blowing or removing air its kinda the same thing:) ).


I’m not sure, just guess, because I have installed windows on one of hdd’s and I think booting windows is because of overheating!
They are Internal sata

Yes, definitely either install more fans, or open your case and place a fan blowing on it…

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