Hdd partition table messed

I’ve got a HDD that I can’t seem to fix on my ubuntu machine. It auto mounts when I plug it in but then mounts at about 30 different points (I can access and view the drive properly from any of them).

I’ve taken the drive over to a windows machine, removed partitions (I think), and then reformatted but it still does the same thing. Please see attached image, any suggestions on how to get this back to it’s original state?

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Ooooh thats kinda cool. Never seen anything like it though. Could it not be fixed with the old trusty gparted?

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Haha, ya no idea what caused it to do that. I prolly ran some Linux command incorrectly.

I’ll take a look at gparted thx, I’m a Linux newbie so not super familiar with everything :slight_smile:

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If Gparted doesn’t work then try SG Format. Last time I used SG Format a 3TB drive took about 16 hours to format (I know it’s crazy lol) but once it was done it worked perfectly fine again.