HDD plot&ship service from US. $15/TB or less (negotiable)

We have a decent sized farm and just wanting to split some plotting power and generate income in another way so to diversify. To save the effort of setting up a website and such we provide our plotting service by delivery of physical disks. Currently we can provide around 150 plots (15TB)/day.

You may choose to purchase your own disk and send it to us or delegate us to purchase a certain disk on an online retailer. Or you can choose to purchase the disk from us at a premium determined by spot market rate per TB daily (at the time of the post $10-20/TB). Base rate is $15/TB.

We are looking at $15/TB service fee (negotiable) + shipping. Orders has to be multiple of 2 disks. For example 4x8TB. 2x14TB. This is due to the fact that usually we can fill a single drive at a rate of 8-9TB/day for the set up. We prefer to ship with ZFS, but ext4 and others can be arranged as well.

The payment model will be:

  1. Pay the premium of the drive ($10-20/TB depending on the market rate we both agree on) so we can purchase and start plotting.
  2. When the drive is ready, pay ship + base rate of the drive ($15/T) + half plotting fee, so we can ship.
  3. When you receive the drive, pay the rest half of plotting fee.
    Of course full payment upfront is welcome as well for less back and forth for both party.

We prefer ETH/USDT as payment, but paypal venmo or others can be negotiated as well. Price also negotiable.

To establish the credibility and mark the starting of the business on this forum, we offer the following for the first several orders:
Seagate 8TB External Drive: premium $5/TB, base $15/TB, plotting fee $5/TB. quantity 2
Seagate 8TB External Drive: premium $5/TB, base $15/TB, plotting fee $10/TB. quantity 2
Seagate 8TB External Drive: premium $5/TB, base $15/TB, plotting fee $10/TB. quantity 2
Note: These drives are cheap but they are SMR.

Reply or send me DM for Q and orders.

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Reserved for future use.

If you are not into this service, just feel free to ask your setup questions / how to improve in the forum publicly. I am happy to answer. Free info for everyone.

Service currently suspended due to scheduling issue.