HDD stand - vibrations

Hi, I’m making a HDD stand (12 pcs) and now I’m deciding whether to fasten the disks directly to the aluminum bar, one above the other or use some anti-vibration pads.
What effect can mutual HDD vibrations have? Thanks!
(I use SATA HDD Toshiba Enterprise Capacity MG08 16TB and MG10 20TB)

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If you put a rubber washer between the hard disk and plate and the screw and the plate this will help your vibration issue, in a sense you want the disk to be mounted but float in a sense.

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The buzzing or humming can be annoying to humans, also, if drastic enough, it can slow down writing to drives if it’s causing read and write errors.

But it’s a personal choice, my case has neat little plastic drive sliders that probably don’t isolate very well (but sure make it easy to install drives) but rather is isolated from the desk with giant rubber feet for the whole case.

It is very important to isolate the vibrations between disks, except, chia doesn’t really use the disks much
If you have shucked disks they sometimes buzz more so yes

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depends a bit on how flimsy or slid the aluminum bars are as well.
One of the reasons most cases need vibration insulations is becasue of the flimsy steel that is easily moved and start vibrating/resonating a lot.
I used 1.5mm aluminum u-rail to mount hdds on and and it worked perfectly fine, rock solid.
but this is not technical advise, don;t take my word for it :sweat_smile:


Just a story. About 7 years ago I did some performance metrics regarding vibration and hard drive, spinning rust, MB/s. My hard drives ran a little faster when I put a 10 lb. chunk of iron on top of my PC case. These days the HD mechanisms are much lighter. Rubber mounts just stop your case from picking up the vibrations. Maybe better to solidify the mount and stabilize the HD’s case.

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And don’t forget to stabilize the rack itself with rubber under it

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Yeo, this is actually researched somewhere… Can’t remember where, but from a few years back.

So best method will be to make a real solid and not flimsy stand and mount it onto the desk by screwing it in or somethimg, rather than have it just sitting there

isolate each HDD. I have a bracket from alu alloy for 8 x HDD.

I tried them without any sort of damping mechanism such as o-rings or rubber washers. The noise is brutal, all drives overheat together. The side of HDD is designed to dissipate the internal heat.

I eventually ended up with o-rings mounted between a drive, and alu plate. Also screws used are on washers/o-ring combo. No overheating, and HDDs happily vibrate on their own.

What guys mentioned above by was research from a guy. If you want vibration free, use concrete/marble block where HDD is basically bolted in. It stabilises vibration. You need something at least double of HDD size…it is the same principle as mounting cameras on tripod.

Compromise is rubber mounts, commonly used in tourist PCs…SAS has some anti-vibration design. VIBRATIONS KILL. There are many correction errors, if the drive vibrates. Cannot remember which SMART parameter it is.

If vibrations are excessive, it slows down the drive.

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I will leave this classic here :