HDDcoin - Another Chia fork -- fair launch countdown


FAIR launch, visit https://hddcoin.org/ for the COUNTDOWN clock

  • Windows Installer available from the start
  • Count Down clock, don’t miss out the easy farming window


  • Block-chain, software, and server infrastructure experts
  • Long time Fork Farmers community members

VERIFIED configuration

  • No conflicts with other forks
  • Correct difficulty settings for launch


  • Available right now

i’ll check it out. hope it goes well

Found a lot of proofs, but no own block are added.
Seems like the same problem as on other forks that the netspace grows very fast and difficulty isn’t adapted that fast. So this results in much more blocks created than 4,608 per day.

Now finally, I’m not late for something. Thanks.
Grand plans to get rich this time… lol

Connects, syncs on the fly till the very last height, but then, turns to “Not Synced” in red, and stays like that. lol

Now turned to Farming

New pool plots only, no original plot support.

Yep, thats related to the very fast block creation time… Every 4608 blocks the difficulty is adjusted, but the max difficult change is limited so that netspace will grow faster than the difficulty.

all these pathetic copiers should not call themselves “developers”.

Open source has no cap on it. Try and get rich, or, try and fail.

Where do u got this info? Only new pool plots, for HDDcoin?

I’m farming only my OG plots as I’ve no portable plots yet. So this statement isn’t true. Probably it’s the opposite as you won’t have the plot NFT on the new chain, so you can’t claim your rewards.


This is a really good point - because these forks aren’t blockchain forks and thus have no record of the NFT, I expect them all to die out pretty quickly, since the people rushing to the forks are going to be the same people rushing to poolable plots.

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Please don’t post so many threads about your project, keep it to this thread only.



I disagree. The pools will attract small farmers, while forks will keep the larger farmers. I have 437TB, for example, ETW 16 days on Chia, and have no interest in pooling, but I am up to 5 forks now. People like me could, I think, easily keep the forks alive until they have a chance to join exchanges and develop use cases.

Small farmers rushed to the forks because they weren’t winning XCH fast enough. I think if pools had been here from day 1 nobody would have wasted time with forks.

Anything under a few PB is small tbh. I’m about 300TB, might still go up to around 350-400TB, and I consider that small.