HDDcoin ask everyone to start a new blockchain

Few hours ago.HDD coins released their new version.
But the install guide is Suspicious:

Backup your config.yaml file in %systemdrive%\Users%username%.hddcoin\mainnet\config
Close the HDDCoin client and wait for it to fully close. Otherwise click close ("X") on the HDDcoin Clinet window.
Navigate back to C:\Users%username%\ and delete the ".hddcoin" folder (VERY IMPORTANT - The update will fail if you miss this step, and you will lose sync)
"Download and install a fresh copy of HDDcoin from https://github.com/HDDcoin-Network/hddcoin-blockchain/releases 
(If HDDcoin automatically launches after the install, wait for the login screen, then exit the app)"
Restore your previously backed up config.yaml file back to %systemdrive%\Users%username%.hddcoin\mainnet\config
Download the latest blockchain database file from GitHub or http://hddcoin.org/downloads/blockchain_v1_mainnet.sqlite 
Restore the blockchain database to %systemdrive%\Users%username%.hddcoin\mainnet\db
Start HDDcoin and verify that you are able to sync, and that you are getting challenges.

Is that mean they want to start a new blockchain.Maybe they already changed the blockchain db files?
It that normal or dishonesty?

delete the “.hddcoin” folder means delete your db files local.

Delete your copy of the blockchain and download a new one from the internet? No thank you, that’s not how block chains work. There needs to be an explanation of why they rewriting the entire history potentially.

chives did this deleted the first blockchain cuz they didn’t like who won.

Saw this today on a Russian-Site where they have decided to delete the hdd-coin blockchain because they didn’t like the outcome; chew on that luckidog? Imagine if bitcoin could do that today restart the blockchain and null all transactions to date, funny thing is dozens of chia clones are doing this now, its almost like insanity of the blockchains.

Sure, compare a few weeks old blockchain to a several years old blockchain. Makes total sense…

WHat happened is that HDDCOIN is now the most 2nd valuable clone on the chia-shit forks
THe hddcoin devs (russian) seeing that their baby hit pay-dirt started off with no-pre-mine, now they regret their initial decision, so deja-vu they do the un-thinkable;

Is there a limit to this bullshit NO, why? Because the CHIA cult has open to doors to WOKE CRYPTO INSANITY.

U R missing the boat, they R calling on the entire 100% eco-system to delete their blockchains & restart at genesis,

The chia fork clones have now made this common-place.

People need to realize if +51% refuse to delete the dev is sutcwp

We all know that mr. fubar/redrum

worked their asses off by starting a piece of software and wait?
Sure, you deserve a noble price for that

Our closet boy only knows personal attacks, how does his diversion solve the OP problem, I ask this before Scientology Speedman destroys this entire thread of why he was shipped here by L Ron Hubbard aka Bram&Gene

Wait, where did i do any personal attack? I did not attack anyone. You on the other hand almost cross criminal liability here by publishing hate speak against homosexual people

Is Speedman a friend of yours? Is he a regular here? See this is why I like u, like I said earlier, your like the only one here that can read code :slight_smile:

just to clarify, the hddcoin fork did not restart their blockchain like most other forks, I updated and the same amounts that I had are still in my wallet.

It was good FUD though, I started getting these Russian posts yesterday AM asia time;

Anybody here got a clue what it was all about?

I’m an HDDcoin farmer already have 500, so I hated to see it go back to zero. I think its #2 after Flax ( also mine OG)

I did lose 300,000 CHIVES when they reset to zero, never went back to chives after that;

Now I have quit even mining the new chia-shit-clones as they’re all just malware, scamware, and going no-where.

Yep, may wallet for HDDCOIN is still doing fine, 1,000 plots still doing 2-4 coins a day at 250PB;

HDDCOIN is ok, I had already been running the new code on my old blockchain, today I went ahead and made a new sandbox for the new blockchain, and brought over my config.yaml, and started from scratch;, all coins appeared, what he has done is chop off the blockhain at 60,000 ( now 62,800 ) it appears that the 8444 virus screwed his blockchain so he cut it, and like I told the dev-head two weeks ago put a "CA’ in there to block the 8444-bot and he has done that, so now he’s good, his new version is also based on the newest chia-net, so its NFT ready, if that means anything

Confirmed that he kept all the old up to 60,000 if you don’t get aboard his ‘version’ of the blockchain, he claims that all wins post 60,000 will be on an invalid blockchain you lose; So if your still an active miner, you need to be running his new version of his chia-clone github, and his version of the blockchain up to 60,000; ASAP.