Hello any one try to plot on dell7500 workstation

Hello any one try to plot on dell T7500 workstation
i have dell T7500
2x x5667 4 core 12m cash
32gb ram
3tb hd
anyone know if i try to plot with it take how much time per plot ?
and please don’t send me this link

thanks for anyone try to help

No, you’ll need to plot and find out. You can look at plot times for other people with similar CPU generation and clock speed, and fast target drive (NVME SSD) for reference.

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Twelve Core CPU Processor upgrade DELL PRECISION T5500,T7500 up to X5690 3.46 | eBay

If I had this box I would install two of these.

I do have one of thses with a single 12 core xeon and 14 gigs of ram. I droped 2 ssd sata drives i plot on. With mad max I run 10 cpu cores and 128 buckets and end up at a plot every 3 hours.

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Correction mine is much older 3500. Sorry for miss leading.

Thats what I’m running, T3500

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