[Help] Chia plotting by GPU bladebit can not check proof

Hi team, nearly i plot by method GPU Bladebit (download from Chia.net) alpha3 version, but when i use command ./chia plots check -n 30 (windows) , and result is:
“2023-05-19T12:36:35.851 chia.plotting.check_plots : ERROR Proofs 0 / 30, 0.0” …all plots by GPU bladebit

so, these plot still can use and farm?
p/s: when i check plot at Main App Chia Blockchain: Chia → plots → AT PLOTTING MANAGER → i dont see any notice error (chia 1.8.0 and 1.8.1)


Windows10? Bladebit alpha has error in win10, makes bad plots with most GPU. Either use win11 or linux for plotting.

Farming only works with the alpha builds, not 1.8.x release versions.

  • So, plot by win10 now must delete or still can use? I have to change win 10 if need plot GPU?
  • Farming works alpha builds for main machine farm or sub machine farm? because i have one main machine 1.8.0 and 20 sub machine now, so only install alpha build on sub machine has plots GPU?

Use win11 to plot (linux better)
Win 10 plots, yes delete.

Farming: every machine that has compressed plots needs alpha version installed.

In the future, you can farm from single main machine with single CPU or GPU.
But right now every sub machine must do decompress by itself with either CPU or GPU


Thanks for your support so much Voodoo

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Plot check is broken in alpha4, is already fixed for the next coming alpha


Hi Voodoo, another question, pls
can GPU plot bladebit farm on Spacepool? or have to farm solo?