Help for farming CHIA

Hi Guys, I have some doubts and I was wondering if you could help me. I have 2 PC’s, a desktop and a notebook. I bought 2 6TB external hard drives and I have doubts about the SSD. I don’t want to mine on my desktop because that’s where I stream, the notebook is an i5m with 4GB of RAM as it is old, it doesn’t have USB3.0 inputs, can I get the 2 HD’s connected to it? and the SSD will I be able to buy 1 or put with some type of adapter for it to become an external SSD like HD ???

Another question, how does receiving the values ​​you have in the CHIA Calculator work?

Thank you for help.



Please do some research… a fast CPU plus a fast disk will give you the best results. There’s loads of threads about this so have a read! :+1:

It’s a lottery. You might win, it will appear in your wallet automatically if you do. But it’s a gamble. You might not win anything in months, not even in the number of months shown in the calculator. The calculator shows an average. This is also covered in a lot of topics, so I recommend some thorough reading to wrap your head around how all of this works!