Help! - Harvester recognizing plots however Node is not loading them up

Hello All,

I seem to be having an issue when updating to 1.7.1 now where my harvesters (7 of them) all recognize the plots and upon doing a chia plots check everything is fine. When I do a tail on debug.log all it ever lists is

2023-04-03T02:45:30.734 harvester chia.harvester.harvester: INFO _plot_refresh_callback: event done, loaded 0, removed 0, processed 17542, remaining 0, duration: 0.38 seconds, total plots: 17332

This is happening across all my harvesters after the update.

The full node is fully synced and seems to not be recognizing the plots. When doing a “Chia Farm Summary”

it will list all details all block rewards and harvester IP’s and sizes but when you run command “Chia PlotNFT Show” Each one of the NFT’s are showing “0” number of plots

Hopefully someone can please help, TIA!

are the harvesters running the same Chia version?

Yes, they are all running version 1.7.1. I habe a different node with a different wallet and those are working fine. Same swtup all om versipn 1.7.1 as well

Well i think there are two things to try.

  1. Roll-back to the previous version you were using.
  2. re-do the harvester setup

But honestly I dont have any experience with harvester setup, I would go to chia’s keybase support channel and ask for help there.

Thanks for all your Help @Voodoo i am in their keybase and sent a few messages in chat however not getting any responses. Maybe im doing something wrong but I am pretty confident that I am going through the proper channels, would you happen to know any other resources that I can possibly utilize for Chia Support?

think this has been sorted now, right? At least the no response part.

It’s still pretty early morning on the pacific coast :wink:

No it has not been sorted as of yet, im still trying to get in touch with Chia support in Keybase. I don’t think its a version issue but there may be a configuration issues somewhere after update to new version. I may be wrong but i’ve noticed if you don’t update chia regularly config files tend to be outdate and need to be re-done. Need to confirm with Chia Blockchain to see if this is the case, I would hate to re-label and re-mount everything.

Maybe you can try to run chia init -c folder on your remote harvesters. On some upgrades, this step is needed to let remote harvester connect to the farmer. Take a look at #4 here - Farming on many machines · Chia-Network/chia-blockchain Wiki · GitHub

Anyway, you should provide snapshot of your logs where farmer answers your harvesters (allowing or dis-allowing them) and from harvesters, where they say whether they are successfully connected to the farmer or were dumped. If there are no such things, most likely you are missing one of your old mnemonics on the farmer (i.e., harvesters connected, but farmer is not recognizing plots as those are not matching its keys).

hmm, now that you mentioned chia init -c folder, I think you may have answered my question. While upgrading the machines it may have removed the node_ca folder. I may have to re-copy that from the main farmer peer and chia init using that node_ca from main farmer.

Update: Copied Node CA folder over from Node and re-init the CA folders, even removed the CA folder and copied again and still no luck. Now it doesn’t seem like its a certificate issue but something else.

Here is a Chia Farm Summary from my main Node

Here is what one of my remote harvesters are displaying in the log, log level is set to !INFO

All of my remote harvesters that are connected to this node are cycling the same message in the screenshot. Everything was working before until I updated to version 1.7.1. I have upgraded from version 1.3.5.

I have another independent node with a different seed key that I upgraded from 1.3.5 to 1.7.1 with no issues at all, those harvesters are farming as should.

Please let me know if you guys need any more info.


Take a look at the second screenshot. I think that the answer is there - “plot has the farmer key that is not in the in the farmer’s list.” My understanding is that your farmer is missing mnemonics you used to make those plots. (Although I would expect that message to be shown on the farmer side, not the harvester, but apparently this is harvester whining.)

One thing that you could potentially do is to take one those HDs from your harvester and connect it directly to the farmer. This way you don’t need to troubleshoot the whole chain, the farmer should let you know that those are foreign plots. Reason for that is that I am not sure whether that message comes from the harvester when it connects to the farmer and is told “bad plots” or is not able to connect to any farmer, thus giving a misleading message (looks like the former one, but …).

This is indeed a bit weird, but previously before those same messages pop up on that same harvester talking to the same node and it would harvest no problem. I have read from previous threads that this may be a bug and a few people experience this problem but farming is still viable, they have still won blocks even though they receive this message.

I just double-checked to make sure the seed keys are the same and they are. Kinda at a loss of whats going on, was working fine 2 days ago.

On another note does anybody know how to get to Chia support on keybase? I requested to join the Chia Public group have heard no response and typed in chat but no answer at all.

Yeah Keybase is a really terrible terrible app. It’s beyond annoying and very confusing to get anywhere.

I didnt see your chats yesterday.
If i recall correctly, you have to navigate on the left to the chat section, then go to the chia group and select show all channels or something like should see a list with different channels like farming, support etc

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I had asked to join the community/channel but I do not think anybody has approved the request. So far not able to get any assistance in my issue at all, missing out on 31 PB of farming time too luckily still able to farm on my other 30 pb. Would you happen to know of any other resources i can get for assistance?


dont know if you have twitter, but they do have support channel on twitter:

What is your keybase handle? I’ll drop it in the chat to ask

Keybase handle is Cjeena

I would really appreciate it if you could help me out with reaching out to support.

seems you are somehow following a fake profile, Chia channel have no request to join from you.

the correct link for our keybase is

quite odd,

I followed the link and I doublechecked, it seems my request is stuck in limbo?

that is definitely the wrong channel, beware!

yeah so that is not the correct channel, but an imposter apparently.

So if you go in the keybase app to the teams tab on the left, the choose join team and use this name
chia_network.public (it’s case sensitive)

That should get you into the correct team