Help Needed Xeon E5-2699v3 plotting bottleneck

Hi all

I look at a massive phase 3 bottleneck. 10 hours for phase 3!

How can I optimize my system?


  • Dell T5810 with a Xeon E5-2699v3 (18 Core)
  • 4x 1TB Kingston A2000 NVMe (raid 0)
  • 64gb RAM DDR4 3600
  • PCIe adapters
    • 2x EZDIY-FAB NVME PCIE adapter at PCI16x and 8x Slot
    • 1x Cablecc Dual 2X NVME 3.0 Gen3 X8 X16 RAID-card VROC at PCI16x Slot
  • 18TB WD Red HDD as destination

I use Swar with 4 threads, 45min stagger, and 4GB RAM per plot.
17 max concurrent plots, 5 plots max in phase 1.

I use Ubuntu Desktop and a software raid 0 on the NVMEs

See attached

Thanks all in advance!