Help. plotting slowed way down

I am simply using the windows GUI on a windows 10 machine. I’ve been using Mad Max. It’s been taking me about 3-4 hours or so per plot. I have a simple older machine.

Lately it has really slowed down. like 12 hours for 1 plot .
Something is obviously wrong, but I am not sure where to check.
I am currently plotting a 16gb drive and have about 13 GB 's plotted.
It was going fine. I had been doing 16 plots in serial or so, then tried to do a 64 plot in serial that’s when it started acting up.

I’ve since shut down the wallet, rebooted the machine, and tried to restart.
Now they are taking a really long time.

I’d love any ideas of what i should try looking at.
I’ll be getting a new hard drive soon. So I’ll try a different drive and see if that resolves it.
Thank You ahead of time for any help.

Have you checked the drive, under tools drive check etc. How much free space do you have on your C: drive? Windows up to date? How much memory in system and what is your CPU type and OS?

Copy / Paste a snapshot of Task Manager here, while on the “Performance” tab.

Task Manager might start on its default setting, which offers little information. If that is the case, then click on the “More details” option, on the bottom of Task Manager.

When you made the above change, did you inadvertently choose a different “Temp” drive?
Or did you choose a K33 size plot instead of a K32 size plot?

Here’s my task manager. while Chia is supposed to be plotting. It currently says one plot is at 78% it’s been on this plot since 8 this morning it is now 14 hours later.

Is it normal to have multiple Chia processes like this with start_wallet, etc repeated several times?

From what I can tell drive is ok. When you say tools -drive check where is that?
I am on Windows 10 with the GUI wallet.
My cpu is: AMD Phenom™ II X6 1090T Processor 3.20 GHz w/16GB RAM it’s a 64 bit machine.
Nothing fancy a used motherboard I had sitting around. I have an NVME 2 TB Drive for plotting. My C: drive has a fair amount of room on it.
I see I have a few updates waiting for install.
I’ll try those and I just downloaded the new chia wallet version.2 also

You didn’t sort that “process” screenshot right (sort it by CPU instead). If you are using MM, the CPU should be at close to 100% and also there should be chia_plot process in that list (I think). Most likely you switched to chia plotter. Still, the CPU usage is kind of low.

Also, check your Event Viewer. Maybe there are some errors listed there.

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The cpu was only about 40% it seems like its not running. I was using mad max.

Ok, I’ve downloaded pending updates, rebooted my computer, deleted all the temp files on my plotting drive, and updated chia to the new wallet version. I’m starting a run of 4 plots in serial we’ll see what happens over night.
Thank You for all the help and ideas.

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Looks like I am back to my normal speed. I’m not sure which of the things I did solved the issue but thank you all for the help.
Happy Farming.

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Which version of windows are you running?

Windows 10 64bit home

you first mistake is to use Crapsoft Windows…especially from GUI.

Use Clear Linux with SSD discard mount.

It looks like your SSD degrades because trim is not fast enough

People have to break some eggs to make an omelet in the begining,

By the way which box are you using to type in here??

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:laughing:I know I don’t have the best computer, it’s what I had lying around. My SSD is a 2 TB NVME connected by a PCIe card. Is there something I can do to improve the trim of the drive?

I’m using a windows laptop not the same computer.

I’m still having issues and can not figure out what I need to change. Love any ideas of what I can look at our try. After I closed the chia client, cleared the plotting drive of temp files and rebooted my computer I thought things were good. Then after a few plots everything slowed way down again.

If you have any thoughts of what I can do let me know. Would going to the Windows CLI wallet make a difference?

Download crystaldiskinfo

Post a screenshot of what it says

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Here is what I have for my plotting drive.
So weird I am stuck at 85% of writing a plot for over 2-3 hours now.

571TB of writes / 3600TBW so your fine there

But your drive is at pcie 2.0, check out why.