(help) Swar Config 5900x - 64gb ram - 3x2TB NVME or 6TB in raid 0

I have a 5900x , 64 Gb of ram 3200 , 3 nvme with 2 gb each one.
I’m sure that configuring everything well, you could make 50 plots a day.
I would like to know if someone has already achieved it, and in case no one has achieved it, try to be the first.

I believe per 2 TB NVME drive, you can get roughly 16 plots per day. It’s an I/O limitation at that point. So you should get ~48 per day. Depends on speed of NVME of course, 64k continuous write is the important bit.

Also, you using 3200 mhz memory on a Ryzen is not great. The optimal is to use 3600 mhz memory, so take that into consideration.

50 plots/day has been achieved with the 5950x, but it requires very fast drives – I believe they used four 980 pros in a raid 0 array. If you search you can find the topic.

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hi codinghorror yes i see , but i wanna make 50 plots with 5900x , maybe its possible

With 48 per day i am very happy !