Help with drive info

I have a TR 24c/48t with 120gb ram. I am plotting on windows using SWAR with 6 threads/6000 ram.

My plotting drives are:
2 970pro 1TB raid 0 Drive S
2 Firecuda 520 2tb raid 0 Drive T
2 Firecuda 520 1tb raid 0 Drive U
1 Firecuda 520 1tb Drive V

My config using SWAR is:
DriveS 9 parallel 3 in phase 1
DriveT 9 parallel 3 in phase 1
DriveU 9 parallel 3 in phase 1
DriveV 3 parallel 1 in phase 1

Global its 30 parallel and 10 in phase 1

I have ran it for the last 3 days and parsed the logs from the last 2(take out the startup times from the first day)

The numbers are:
DriveS 40182 total time
DriveT 38427 total time
DriveU 38522 total time
DriveV 37930 total time

I do not understand how the Firecudas are faster than the 970 pros?? I understand they are Gen 4 vs Gen 3 however sustained writes on the Firecudas are only 500mb/s while on the 970 pros is over 3k??

I am only getting 60 plots a day and I feel I should be doing better

Any help would be appreciated.