Help with hardware setup?

Hi, guys!

I got interested with the whole eco farming, so I’ve been reading all over the Internet in the last few days and here’s what I came up with:
HDD: 4 x 6TB Seagate Backup Plus Hub (for storage, total 24TB)
SSD: 1 x 2TB Corsair MP600 (for plotting)
SSD: 1 x 120GB ADATA Ultimate SU650 (for OS)
Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 3700X
Memory: Crucial Ballistix RGB, 32GB DDR4
Power: ASUS TUF Gaming 450W
Tower: Aerocool Hive FRGB

Will I be able to add 30-40 of those HDDs in the future? Will I need more SSD and memory for plotting? I still can’t understand the plotting/storage ratio…

1 plots = 2 threads + 4g ram + 250go ssd + 100go hdd
8 plots = 16 threads +32g ram + 2to ssd + 800go hdd
16 plots = 32 threads +64g ram + 4to ssd + 1,6to hdd
32 plots =64 threads +128g ram + 8to ssd + 3,2to hdd

Hm, I got even more confused, lol! I saw this guy made a rig with 2x1.6TB SSD and 8x18TB HDD: COMPLETE Build for Chia Farming (360TB Capacity Hard Drive Mining) - YouTube

Will I be able to add 30-40 of those HDDs in the future?
I do not understand this question, do you mean the interface limit? You could always put USB 3 PCIE card on your machine. But still there is a limit. Or you could use a nas server like supermicro 36 bay. Still, I am not sure what you’re asking.
Will I need more SSD and memory for plotting? The speed of your SSD is very good according to amazon. However, depending on the number of parallel plots, you may need a bigger SSD. Same goes for Ram.

Well, I was planning to buy 2 of those:, connect them to the motherboard and connect 32 external HDDs. But in this case, would I need more SSD and RAM necessarily, or it will be optional (only if I need the plotting to be faster)?

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We have never used this kind of configuration. USB hubs. I am not sure what the reliability would be. In my experience, I have found that sometimes if you have one drive in the hub that is failing, it would cause all drives on that USB port to go offline, then you will need to figure out which one is bad and replug the rest. Again, this may have something to do with my particular system for other applications, not related to Chia.

The second question is yes. You only need it if you want to plot faster.

Thank you for your help! I’ll probably start with this configuration then. I’m only worried about the storage’s HDD endurance. The 6TB Seagate Backup Plus Hub is very cheap in my country. Do I have to buy something like WD Red Pro or it’s not necessary? Thanks!

I do not believe that makes too much of a difference. We only use enterprise HDD because we can not afford to lose customers’ plots. We plot their plots on our hard drives while their hard drives are en route to us.
So I don’t think you need to worry too much about that. However, 2 things, when you buy a drive, do a complete surface scan to sniff out bad sectors, then make sure you disable or make the drive standby time long. This is because hard drives do not like to park their heads too often. This will reduce lifespan.

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Awesome, thank you so much!!!