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Hey guys!

I just started getting into Chia. I was looking for some help on plotting efficiently.

My Rig - Intel Core i9-10900 10-Core 20-Thread Desktop Processor, 64 GB RAM (3200Mhz), 1TB NVME SSD (for plotting, this is temporary, i’m getting another 3.84 TB enterprise SSD in the mail which will replace this), 6TB Internal HDD, 2 x 12TB external HDD, and 2 x 10TB external HDDs.

I have the following questions:

  1. How do I calculate the number of plots it will take for me to fill up the 6TB, 12TB and 10TB drives? Since each written plot is ~108.9 GiB, would it be ~49 plots to fill the 6TB, ~100 plots to fill the 12TB drives? If my calculation is wrong, can someone please point me in the right direction?

  2. How do I parallel plot efficiently using k=32. How many plots can I run parallelly? Since each plot takes 4GB RAM, 2 cores and about 250GB of space? Can i only run 3 plots at a time (since I am SSD restricted at the moment)? If so, once I get 3.84TB drive, how many plots can I run parallelly taking advantage of the 10 core CPU and 64GB RAM? Is there a step by step on how to set this up? For example: what values to set in advanced? Do I select parallel plotting or adding to a queue? What is the delay that I should set? I keep getting confused here so if someone can ELI5 here, I’d truly appreciate it!

  3. Once I fill up all the HDDs that I have and once they are all farming, is that it unless I expand my storage?

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  1. My 8TB drives take 73 files each, so ur numbers look a lil low.

  2. Yes, ur currently limited to 3. Later ur probably limited to 10 by ur CPU, but only if u can write fast enough onto ur destination drives. Staggering plots is almost always needed, if u sonst wanna coordinate destination drives very extensively. Beside that, Default-values from GUI are rly good.

  3. Yes. Maybe consider using a raspberry for farming at that point.

Hi Mugen! Thank you for your reply!

Could you maybe elaborate on the staggered plotting bit? How do I set that up? Are there any guides that I can read up on?

Sry, I dont have links to tutorials, but ull find many infos in this forum.

About staggering, its just setting a delay between the starts of ur parallel plots. If 10 plots are copied onto a single HDD at the same time, every other component of ur computer will be idling until those 11GB are written.

Also, there are 3 different phases, which each use different resources (cpu, RAM, SSD).

PS: found a good link: How to Get Support - READ FIRST

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