Help with Self Pooling

Been farming/plotting since May on a Dual Xeon, etc Dell server (on Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS) averaging approx 45 plots a day.

Have been receiving rewards on roughly a monthly basis.

In early July, upgraded Chia and started Self Pooling.

In late July earned another 2 XCH. Believe this was with one of my OG plots, but I don’t know for sure.

My current “Estimated time to win” has been shortening over time and is now 18 days. As of today, it’s been a little over a month without earning any Chia.

Concerned something is wrong with my Self Pool setup.

I’m currently at Chia 1.2.3 and getting ready to do upgrade to 1.2.4 tonight.

Since all my hard drives are either internal or are fiber channel direct connected storage arrays, I wouldn’t think plot file access times by the harvester is an issue.

Have four different “xch…” addresses:

  1. Actual wallet that XCH tokens

    • First wallet address (displayed via “chia keys show”)
    • xch_target_address (in two places in config.yaml)
    • In Chia GUI, Farm section, Manage Farming Rewards, Farmer Reward Address & Pool Reward Address
  2. Pool contract address

    • Displayed via “chia plotnft show”
    • In chia plot “-c” argument
    • In Chia GUI, Plots section, Pool Contract column
    • In Chia GUI, Pool section, click ? next to Self Pool name
  3. Target Address (not for plotting)

    • Displayed via “chia keys show”
    • Is not anywhere else I can find
  4. Receive Address (in Chia GUI, Wallets section) = Payout Address (in Chia GUI, Pool Section)

Added a rough diagram to try to understand this.


Thanks in advance for the help.


For the first time looked at the debug.log and saw a ton of “harvester chia.harvester.harvester: WARNING Looking up qualities” lines.

Thanks to this brianP post, changing the plot_loading_frequency_seconds from 120 to 1264000 in the config.yaml has resolved this issue.

Is there any drawbacks to increasing this value this high?


Nothing wrong as long as you do not mind waiting 14 1/2 days to update your plot count. Good if you are no longer plotting I guess, otherwise… not so much. Doesn’t have anything to do with that particular warning however.

I just made it 1200. That’s 20 minutes, right? It’s been a few hours and the Plot Count isn’t updating.

Any ideas?

You’ll need to ignore “plot_loading_frequency_seconds” and insert the new parameters outlined in the article to modify behavior.

Thanks for the help. Appreciate the info on the new config.yaml variables.

The issue I’m having is actually a bug with 1.2.5.

Reading the comments did a workaround using a cronjob to rename the .plot file before moving it to one of the harvester’s directories. Then rename it back to .plot.

It’s always been that way. If u move a .plot file already known by the farmer, before it is completed the move, it will be detected as invalid (because it only partially exists while moving at its new location). The rename while moving solves that. I use a couple .bat files to manage that, 2tmp.bat and 2plot.bat .

Gotcha…thanks Fuzeguy.

Ok, so now it’s been almost over a month and a half and still no more rewards. My Estimated Time to Win is 16 days (4,908 plots as of right now). The debug.log has:

  • No ERROR lines
  • Some of the known WARNING “Invalid handshake / Banning / Was not able to get peername” lines
  • INFO lines with between 5 to 15 plots eligible for farming, all “Found 0 proofs”. In the last 6,766 of these lines, 6,511 of them (96.2%) were under 1 sec, 231 (3.4%) between 1 and 2 secs, 22 (0.3%) between 3 and 4 secs and 1 between 4 and 5 secs.

Not sure what else to look at to figure this out. Any ideas?

Thanks again in advance for the help.

@MLWilliams Did you ever sort this out? I feel like I’m in the exact same situation, precisely as you describe in your original post.

I cannot see a problem described in the first post of this thread except that MLWilliams had not won recently so I don’t know where to start to try to help you.

Perhaps you should describe your problem in a new topic in support. :sunglasses:

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@Aspy68 was right. A month later, I finally won with an OG Plot. Since then I’ve won two more times with OG plots.

Glad there was nothing wrong.