Here can we convert/trade USDT to USDS?

Chia team decided to partner with Stably and Prime Trust in order to make it easy to everyone to buy XCH. I was excited since I finally could buy some Chia without using another crypto!

However, it seems to me that although this works fine in the United Stated it is not the perfect solution for the rest of the world…

Why? Because they ask for a intermediary bank although I can transfer and receive funds using SWIFT…

Inform your bank that you need to send funds using a SWIFT code and ask if your financial institution is a registered SWIFT user
    If they are a registered SWIFT user there shouldn’t be a problem
    If not, your financial institution should provide suggestions on which bank to use as an intermediary

This information is not applicable for bank in my country and I hit a wall with the Stably support team…

But hey, I can easily buy USDT in Kraken ( and since this is also a stablecoin based in the USD I’m wondering if there is a easy way to trade/convert from one to the other without using Bitcoin, Ethereum or any other crypto coin?

Cant you deposit fiat to kraken and buy usdt?

Yes I can, but when I’ve USDT, how can I convert it to USDS?
From my understanding I can only buy Chia using USDS…
Step 4 > Buy XCH - Chia Network

Well you could move the usdt to a exchange that trades usdt / xch.
Okx exchange is one of many with that trading pair.

Or I believe you can deposit usdt to swap for usds, then trade that for xch, but that seems like an extra step just to get the xch IMO.