Hey guys! Any feedback on my site (GraphChia)?

Hey guys!

I’m the creator of www,graphchia.com.
I’ve been working on this for several months now, and probably spent over 200 hours coding it. I’m looking for some feedback in a couple of areas:

Firstly, looking for new ideas of graphs to include on the site, and also what direction you think the site should take?

Secondly, looking for some ideas of how I could monetize the site slightly to justify the work (I’ve done it meainly for the learning experience, but could really do with earning a little money now as I’m a student!) Any thoughts on how I could do this - I tried ads but didn’t really work. Would you guys pay a small amount (like 2 dollars or so for an app)?



Looks good here… You did a good job.

I think the easiest way to gain revenue from it would be advertising, of course you need good traffic.
I’d just try to not overwhelm the site and keep advertising in good positions.

Maybe no exchanges would pay but would offer referral fees, I’ve no clue on that.

I’m getting about 2000 users a month at the moment, but that’s only paying about 2 dollars a month in advertising with Coinzilla! I guess the problem is chia is a small market! I’ve put referral links on my site for over two months, but not had one referral yet… At least its been a fun project though!! :slight_smile:

I’ve seen a few ppl both here and on fb having issues getting all their transactions together.
It would be more work for you, but if you could pull all that data when ppl add their addresses and allow them to download it in csv or something i feel sure some ppl would pay for that to save themselves a headache and time.

Looks clean! keep up the good work! :slight_smile: