Hi all, need a tool/script to fix 100 percent crash HDD by USB port Farming

2C all this is more like a $1.49 plus tax…

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Obviously I’m bias but there’s a good chance FlexFarmer would solve this problem. It places a lot less load on your disks.

Check guides on this forum for setup instructions.

Lots of people on this forum had problems which FF fixed. It’s not 100% but it’s definitely one of the first things you should try instead of getting into a lot of complicated details.

The difference between FF and the chia farmer is like the difference between madMax and the chia plotter.

The text describes the author’s experience with using Chia, a cryptocurrency, on a Windows operating system. They encountered USB issues when transferring large amounts of data from NVMe or SSDs to external USB 3.0 HDDs. The author attempted to troubleshoot the issue using Windows logs but found them to be unhelpful.
They then switched to using Linux and found that the issue was reproducible there but that the kernel log provided more detailed information. The author found that the issue had something to do with IOMMU and that disabling it resolved the problem.
The author also mentions that most USB controllers have a limit of how many total devices they will support and that going over this limit can cause issues. The author then expresses their opinion on Linux vs Windows, stating that the experience turned them away from Windows and that they switched to Linux as their daily driver. They recommend Linux Mint or PopOS as good options for beginners. They suggest that everyone should try Linux as Windows is likely to get worse in the future.

for the sake of ai :innocent:

I agree with the last part:

They suggest that everyone should try Linux as Windows is likely to get worse in the future.

The main issue of Linux is adoption, which is holding me off.
Hence, for my servers, I use Linux for the most part. For my Desktop use, I use Windows. Im not a fan of emulated apps.

Do you remember having to recompile the kernel every time you made a change in Linux. Then you had make a boot loader. I know a lot has changed in 30 years. People should experiment to learn that’s the only way it happens. But depending on one’s needs and time people make choices.



How is that working for you? :laughing:

The main issue with Linux adoption is that people are lazy by nature. Not everyone, obviously, but most. They learn something, get comfortable and miss on everything else that could benefit them just because it takes time to learn.

Just a simple question, what year did you start to use and learn Linux?

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I have tried Linux around 6 Times since 2012.
Each Time I got frustrated, (drivers not working, confusion about different ways to do things in different distros and versions, Software not available, …, …)

I am now at the point that I am able to use Ubuntu server in a basic form (setup, install software, write bash scripts and my own software and create services). It has been hell of a ride.

I’ve had everything, from switching network interface names over nvidia drivers blocking ALL updates because of certificate/keyring issues and graphics driver which auto install gnome on a headless server which in turn changes all kinds of settings such as auto-update and auto sleep.

I definitely wouldn’t recommend starting out with linux if you want to start a project and the project shouldnt primairly be tinkering with linux.
Yes, once you get it running, it runs for the most part (until a system or package update breaks everything) but so does windows server. (and yes, there are headless versions as well. Gnome/ui takes a lot of resources on linux as well so one should compare apples to apples)

I am in IT for 30+ years, and Win is crap since 1.0 :wink:

It is getting only worst over the years. Problem is, most real life apps are only on Win platform.

We are whining about industry standard CAD/CAM for macOS or Linux for at least 10 years…Apple said “there is not enough demand” We paid 3500€ for CAD/CAM workstation…same stuff is 10k in Apple

Linux world didn’t manage to unify for at least 20 years…Ubuntu, Red Hat tries for years…never caught up in desktop arena. I played games in Ubuntu…it is faster than Win. Who plays games on PC nowadays? Post-apocalyptic kids barely can switch on PS, Xbox.

So where were you in 1984? When we all were having fun.

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100% my opinion. I hate windows in a way (especially the policy and advertisement changes since win-10)
But what is with my adobe creative suite?
What is with my visual studio?
What is with my Solidworks?

And no, I definitely do not want to use an emulator.

I used to run SolidWorks in Bootcamp/Win7/macOS on MacBook Pro. Apple at least got the best Win drivers I have seen in last 35 years