High End Graphics Cards

B&H Photo Video has some wildly expensive graphics cards.

Anyone using them, or know their use case?

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They are workstation cards (think CAD and film rendering etc), rather than gaming cards.

Want expensive, look up an Nvidia H100 GPU


Someone explained to me in the homelab club that these things also focus on precision. For gaming it’s no big deal if there is occasional tearing or artifacts on screen, but in a professional environment (activities you guys listed above), that would be unacceptable! What I am saying is we should all be demanding premium Chia plots and get right on this.

And we use the lower end Quadro cards at work (the 2014-2015 units mostly). They were single slot and didn’t need extra power ($500 retail at the time was spendy) but great for keeping heat reasonable and fitting in slim packages.


NVM, searched wrong item, carry on all lol :saluting_face:

Workstation/server cards are just insanely expensive.
N $500
V $500
I $500
D $500
I $500
A $500

And then there’s the letters for the cards themselves ( and a few bucks for the actual hardware)

A tesla P4 used to cost between 2000 and 4000 usd back in 2016…if you’ve ever seen one, you know what a bad joke that is.


I use an RTX A4000 in my main machine for mining, very power efficient.

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What is the best bang for the buck GPU you bros think? Considering the calculation power and electricity usage.

I have 1080. $120

Want to buy a 4060 for $300. This one looks like a low wattage model.