HODL! or gift your CHIA to the rich if you must

It’s a bloodbath!

I lost a lot in the 2021 crash, so I get the fear and I feel for everyone who’s hurting. The only good news is: Chia’s market rank has gone up a few dozen places to #218, and this whale hasn’t sold shit Chia (XCH) Address xch14gcedhn5uj0g7mdxm63fll0ws4sy8rmq92pe9pa0suplsv6vfw9sc8qfpt | XCHscan

I’m playing the long game, at least until the nukes start dropping or I’m living in a box. Eat the rich!


HODLing here. I’ve shut down my 1PB farm for the moment though :frowning: Just going to hold on to what I have for a bit and see what the storm brings.

That whale you linked to has transferred quite a sizeable amount of XCH out of that wallet in the last few days unless I’m looking at it wrong?

That whale is HODLing 57,000 Chia. A few thousand go in and out regularly.

Trying to decide if I should sell all my chia now at the moment, as if it keeps dropping chia will only be worth a couple of dollars in months to come.

I was holding but did expect the price to stabilise at some point, now thinking a 50% loss would be better than a 100% loss.

That’s true, I guess as long as their overall total remains steady then we can only assume they aren’t panicking just yet :blush:

Go on sell, as then the price will go up, at least that’s what happens to me, I buy the price goes down, I sell and the price goes up.



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Sell some more please :+1:t2:

All the fools are selling with panic while the rich guys buying. So yes you should sell because you will never make it to a rich guy ;). I play this long big balls game, but not many can handle the heat so they will lose and the players with balls will win. When I started I gave me a time frame and so on I HODL.

You are right I will never sell, I don’t need to sell I own a lot of money, I’m going to shop some shares on nasdaq. A lot of people react with fear and panic, and they have no idea what they are doing. So good times to buy and sell when the panic idiots came back :wink:

I do hope you’re right as I’m HODL, not only in crypto but also my pension investments which have dived so far this year.

Depends on which kind of invests you are in. I’m holding my energy shares tight (H2) also have some shares from companies which has lost to the corona pandemic (buy low sell high).

One of the investment companies I’m with launched a recovery fund a few months after the pandemic struck, that did exceptionally well, but of cause I was cautious so didn’t go all in, but still did very well out of it. The current ones cover a wide range of successful and strong companies, but even companies that have released fantastic results recently have seen their share price drop. Unfortunately one of the companies is Netflix, which has dropped massively recently. Still I know these will recover, but Crypto, that’s different, it’s like holding shares in one company, if it goes bust its gone, where as I hold managed funds rather than individual shares. Still its some years before I need to retire.

Personally I think we should be more afraid of pump & dump groups than a single or more whales that hold XCH. Those whales or sharks kinda are still a buffer against those which protect us smaller peeps.

As for HODL or not, that’s up to each individual … long term usually profit … my preferred method on investing is the old fashion DCA method and works even better with crypto currencies than with stocks.

If you don’t need the money, HODL I would say. Or switch to a DCA method where you buy monthly, weekly or daily a certain amount, even a $10 a week can turn into wacko results using DCA.

Here is a DCA link that uses BTC also , play with the settings and see for yourself what I try to say https://dcabtc.com/?btc=1 you can compare with gold, DJI etc

As for my stocks portfolio, it does what it needs to do, plenty of monthly dividend ones where 50% goes to checking account and 50% buy extra , totally auto don’t have to do anything anymore and it keeps climbing since I switched to majorly dividend shares of various corps since like 2001.

Distribution is tech/gold mining corps/retirement homes projects eg Armour Residential reit which gives a monthly div. (not a bad one, well I like that one nice monthly div)

Financial freedom kinda exists but doesn’t say you will be wealthy/super rich, you just need to figure out how much you need without ever to work again… and it’s possible… prime example is me kinda …

Note: I do use Bank investor/trading accounts BNP Parisbas Fortis bank and Keytrade bank no investment corps that have no bank licenses

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