Home Network of 2 PC's (Plot and Farm)

In a home network of two PC’s, can I have a computer dedicated for plotting and another dedicated for farming? Can I plot on PC1 and move the plots to PC2. So PC1 is the plotter and PC2 is the farmer? The reason why I am asking this is because I want to use PC1 for other tasks when it is already done with its job plotting and I can keep PC2 online and farm 24/7. … Please let me know if I am not asking the right questions…

Thank you!

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Yes you can have 2 PCs one for plotting and one for farming. Farming doesn’t take too many resources so if you have the option choose the less powerful of the 2 machines.

As most people on this forums run the plotting, it is like a 24/7 job, so plan your plotting accordingly haha :slight_smile:

Hope that answers the questions.

Yep, it does answer my question. I’m yet at the point of studying the fundamentals. Most probably I’ll get my rig running in a few days. Thanks so much! :slight_smile:

What about solo mining? Do more plots here increase the chances.

There really is no need to move plots around, if you don’t want/need to. A 1Gbps network is perfectly capable of being used in a farmer with disks, that also reads plotter disks across the network.

I have my daily personal use system as a farmer with 1700 plots, plus it reads my current ‘being plotted disks’ on the plotter. I’ve also used the plotter as a 2nd farmer disk source across the network when I have no more plotting left to do (util I buy more drives). Easiest thing in the world. Share out disk on plotter, add plotter dir on farmer, rinse, repeat.

Thanks for your help, everything works as it should