"Hot swapping" drives to avoid stopping plotting to change destination drive

My plotting rig is running 12 parallel plots and writing to drives on another desktop over LAN. I see the destination drive getting full and don’t want to interrupt the plotter from doing her work. Trying to think of ways to avoid this.

I’m in a Windows environment on both rigs.

  1. Wait until destination writing stops (they’re all computing/compressing), change drive letters, and once the destination writing process starts it will end up on a new drive on the other end. Does anyone foresee issues with this? I’m not sure if the plotting process caches the destination or remembers the state when the process is first kicked off.

  2. Periodically move finished plots on the farming rig from the destination drive to a secondary drive. It’s more IO volume, but might be less of a failure point than #1. After eyeballing it, I don’t think I can keep up with the volume though since moving plots from primary to a secondary is ~1/10th the IO speed as writing over the network.

Thoughts or advice appreciated.

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Regarding #1:

This definitely works on Linux. Don’t know how it behaves on Windows, but you could just try it out on another computer with a k=25 plot (which will complete in mere minutes).