How are coins counted

Good day. I have 102 plots, 14 terabytes in size. Not many. But the calculator on the site shows the accrual of the coin every hour, and I have a 2nd month balance at zero. Tell me, how are coins counted? How to properly adjust the accrual so that the balance increases? Thanks.

Are you in a pool? If not, so you did not win any block or xch.

Got it, please tell me the link to set up a connection to the pool!

Its a lottery. Every day around 4600 blocks are created. If one of your plots enables a block to be created you get 2 XCH. If not you get nothing.

Right now netspace is around 30 exabtyes or 30,000,000 TB.

You have 14 TB so you have 14 tickets in 30 million, which is 1/2,142,857th of the netspace.

30,000,000/4600= 1 in 6521 chance of a reward per day per TB so you have 14/6521 chances per day with 14 TB or 1 reward every 465 days. Assuming netspace does not grow. Which it will.

Joining a pool means you get small rewards sooner. The difference in the long term should be zero but in terms of keeping you interested pooling makes sense.

Which version of blockchain are you using? Probably you have OG plots. My advice is install version 1.2.0 then create a NFT from the pool menu. Then begin creating new portable plots which is more secure than pooling at chinese servers. While making new plots delete equal number of your old plots. Then you can choose a pool from the pool menu by just adding the https address of the pool to the NFT. Thats all.
New plots have the same extension so you may move the old plots to a new firectory eg. OG and add the new dir to the “add plot dir” menu.

Chia-1.2.0 This version

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Thank you, I understand. (((

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Create an NFT, then connect it to a pool by entering the pools address. Now plot some plots using the nft they will be pooled. If your current 14 TB is not poolable (attached to an NFT) then you cannot pool it, but you can overwrite it with poolable plots at whatever rate you wish. The original plots continue to be valid to win a block, just very unlikely to do so over the short term.

Thanks. I’ll try add!