How are you transferring plots and storing them on your Raspberry Pi harvesters?

I’d like to set up a Raspberry Pi to move farming away from my work/gaming rig. I’m thinking about going the Pi 4 route.

With 2 USB ports, do you just use a hub to add numerous drives to store your plots? Or do you store them on a network location?

Also, if running them right off the Pi, how do you transfer them? Via LAN?


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Choices are sftp, scp, or samba

I don’t plan to use a Raspberry Pi, but repurpose an old i3 PC for the farming so I can tinker with the plotter machine without worrying about my farming being stopped due to resyncing and such.

Planning to move the plots manually (for now) via LAN… that’s the fastest way I can think of right now, that, or hotswap SATA enclosures…

You could store them on a network location untill the drive fills and then hook the filled drive up to your pi directly.

I farm plots using a raspi 4 with both locally-attached usb drives and a wired-ethernet freenas device, and performance is good enough to successfully farm within the time limit. And if you’re going to move around big plots, i recommend rsync so you can resume in case of an interruption.