How bad is your energy bill going to be?

I just had a look at the new energy rates i’ll be paying from 2022…


Elektricity is going up from 24 eurocent to 44! Cent per kwh.

That’s going to cut into my farmers bottom line pretty hard :exploding_head:

At least most of the power is turned into heat so it wont all be wasted with the winter coming.
Gas price is up by 120% now…wtf more than double

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Sorry to hear energy costs so much there. I pay .094 US cents per kwh. I have 15 drives, and only costs me around $6 to operate per month

It’s 50% taxes here in The Netherlands… But then we do have Frans Timmermans, the Green Deal Eurocommissionar who is going to save us, the climate, the world! We just have to cough up his 1000 bln Euro plan first. Not sure if there’ll be taxes on that to pay also, in The Netherlands probably;-)

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Lucky us huh
Taxes on taxes

I have 36 hard drives, mostly external, all connected to 1 laptop. I make approximately 2.2-2.7XCH/month and they use 280W/hr so that is 200kW/month. At the current rates I am paying £40/month to keep farming Chia so I end up with a £200-250/month profit. BUT I am not going to sell anything for a long time, I think it’s still pretty good all things considering.

I decided to buy a grid tied solar system. I’ve never had one so this is also an experiment. This is a solar system you plug in any wall socket and it will start feeding electricity into your home, it’s the cheapest and easiest to install. I paid £450 for a complete 600W solar system which should generate 100kW/month hopefully. I should get my money back in a year and half. I think we should all start thinking about going solar to reduce the electricity costs… things are only getting worse and they will continue like this for a while. Here in the UK we had a 15% increase and they announced a minimum increase of 30% if not more starting from April next year. Right now it’s £0.2/kWh but it will probably go to £0.3/kWh or more… it’s crazy.


I have one of those as well, it’s been running for about 9 years now. You’ll get somewhere between 500-600 kwh per year assuming you’re in GB somewhere. At least for Holland 0,9-0,95 * total installed wattage is about the annual output @37 degrees angle and pointed south. (I used to sell them)

But you are right and I think many people will start thinking about it now that we see what dependency on fossil fuels means in reality.

I dropped my BTC antminers as it’s simply not making money anymore due to the increase of cost, allthough I have solar panels but going to the winter time is a no go … and it’s not only elec that goes up but so does gas etc

Trying to sell my antminers (500 EUR 1600W PSU bitmain including per S9) currently but there are no takers due to the elec price going wacko…

CHIA wise, elec cost is neglectable imo compared to asic farming

To be honest all those green deal plans cost us tax payers money for nothing … actually we pay on top of it … is it the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany … Energy corps get those billions , look at all the money they get even for nuclear powerplants … cheapiest energy currently, windmills, sollar power ain’t so cheap as they claim … helas nuclear power they want to get rid off

Our supplier has just gone bust, so we’re being moved over to Shell Energy, looks like my monthly bill for gas and electric may jump from £85 to £140 a month, not exactly sure how much it will be yet though as I haven’t worked it out, but electric is 21.557p ($0.30) per kWh, and gas 4.053p, oh and there is a daily charge of £0.50 for both electric and gas, so that’s £182 a year even if you don’t use any!

Luckily we have a 4KW solar system on the roof which does offset the bills, and a log burning stove which may see more use this winter.

Interested in the name of the grid tied solar system. Never heard of one you can just plug into a wall outlet.

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Yeah, I didn’t know either but that’s how a tied solar system works. But if the grid goes down, your solar system won’t produce anything either. If you have a big enough solar system to make more electricity than you use, the electricity meter will actually start moving backwards :joy: Imagine that. From my understanding, you can actually receive money back if you provide electricity to the grid.
But be careful, all that electricity can cause a fire so it’s probably best to talk to an expert. You can find a lot of deals on used solar panels, some really cheap but I have no knowledge so I decided to go for a complete system.

Same here, I was with Green and they went bust… I’m with Shell now. Oh the joy… It will be very expensive and a lot of people will go into poverty because of this… Don’t know what will happen

That’s who we were with, this also happened to us a year ago when Tonik went bust - we got transferred to Scottish Power. It’s going to get worse next April when the price cap is reviewed, unless wholesale prices drop.

Edit. We get paid for what we export to the grid, but its based on 50% of what we generate, not what we actually export, we used to export more than 50% but that may have changed as my electricity usage is higher (Chia). Unless you have an export meter fitted that’s how they pay you, and a 4kw system doesn’t need an export meter. We have a smart meter and it actually measures what we export (but they don’t accept that reading!!!). 24876kwh generated, 14793kwh exported, and 26,000 imported, so we’ve used about 10,000kwh of what we’ve generated, that’s in almost six years. So very roughly they’ve saved over £1000 in electric, but still haven’t paid for themselves.

There was an article today at a Belgian newspaper that there is an increase of complaints of sending excess power back to the grid from solar panels.

In short , if the grid of your area is overloaded it stops kinda delivering and it can cause extra issues.

Translated excerpt (Google Translate, so spelling/grammar mistakes posssible)

More and more complaints about solar panels that fail when the sun shines
Grid operator Fluvius has already received 2,397 complaints about failing solar panels this year. That is 65 percent more than last year. Opposition party Groen believes that Flemish Energy Minister Zuhal Demir (N-VA) should take control himself to solve the problem. “You cannot explain to people that sustainable energy is the future, while solar panels fail when the sun shines,” says Flemish MP Staf Aerts.

Owners of solar panels hope for a lot of sun. Except, of course, if the inverter of their installation always fails. This is a kind of protection when the electricity grid can no longer process the excess electricity produced. Since it then takes a while before the installation is active again, the owners lose a lot of power.

The problem mainly arises in areas where many installations are located together or where the electricity has to travel longer distances. As a result, in sunny weather, the excess electricity produced cannot be properly processed and the installations fail.

With this article, you could start wondering how much electricity simply is lost … cuz the grid can’t handle/process it…

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It’s all way above my level, but I do know that for the electric to flow back out to the grid it has to be at a slightly higher voltage than the grid, too many solar installations close together could mean they end up increasing the voltage and competing against each over. What the end result is I’ve no idea, but perhaps they have an upper limit (which seems sensible) and then shut down, which could be what’s happening in the article you mentioned. In the UK the maximum voltage is 253v, on occasion ours does drift above that, but it’s at night when demand is low. When I last had UK power networks round due to over voltage (my UPS reports it) they told me they have to adjust the tap point on the transformers twice a year to allow for solar panels.All complicated stuff, with complications.

yes, long story short power grids worldwide are far from ready to handle Solar installations in large quantities.

Belgium has a lot of installations already, so they are already facing this problem

Interesting. I never thought of overproduction problem. Once the grid becomes so decentralized (many independent nodes producing), it becomes increasingly more difficult to control generation capacity by the utility company.

I guess to help it, utilities need to build battery systems to act as giant capacitors.

We have Tesla gigafactory construction nearby. They are also building huge solar farm and huge battery facilities next to largest cities around the state. I read in the news that Tesla expressed intent to become an electrical provider in Texas.

Im currently paying the highest price in the world, literally, and its expected to go up 50% next year…

I wonder, what the consequences for the crypto-market will be, if Gpu-mining will no longer be profitable.
Might be good for Chia.

I’m Belgium and I simply halted my antminers as they ain’t profitable anymore due to the electricity cost, summer time yea but as we move to winter time and less daylight … my solar panels can’t fuel them anymore as it should be … (note: a 30 ish oldies S9 antminers 13TH/s)

Consequences, large farms will search to move to other regions/countries imo … re GPU mining never been a fan of, Asic yes but GPU eg ETH comes also to an end + nvidia said they will nerve their new cards for crypto mining

Not only do they not stress us out with our future energy rates in advance in the US, but they also don’t charge us nearly that much. I pay $0.09/kWh. I can’t believe people pay as much as you do!