How big will the blockchain file get?

Despite of make PLOTS like crasy (please dont hurt you eyes with my poor english)…

what about the DATABASE create and GROWING inside of “.chia” folder, today is a 3,6 or 4 gb folder with the time of create the blockchain, but what append with that database with 5 years of mining or else, I not think in a full hard disk only for that database in 10 years…

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I believe there are already other topics on this concern, but yeah, the blockchain file is already quite large on disk … I’m not sure if they can optimize storage to make it smaller, or what.

I donno man, it’s all looking like people fueled bubble blow, I am speculating rug pull then pop…blockchain filesize might be the least of our worries…

This is the one thing that you shouldn’t be too worried about. Lots of ways it could be done. Personally I think they could do some type of “snapshot block” so you would only need to sync from that point forward. Similar to how you would do it with event sourcing and it’s something that could be done every N blocks.

The BTC blockchain is roughly 350 GiB right now. Not sure if Chia’s proofs of space are inherently much larger per block, but it amortizes somewhat over transaction volume, which is (hopefully) right now a sliver of what it’ll be in the future!

Mina Protocol is a fascinating read if you’re highly concerned about this topic. It uses SNARKs in a way that one can prove validity of current balances without storing or reprocessing the entire ledger.

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sorry for that (not want to throw fuel to fire…) but if Chia is a long term cripto, the db IS GOING TO BE a HUGE problem, of course i think the debs take note of that and do something with that.

I take seriusly that cripto for long therm farming, for that reason I look from any perspective the way of work of the system.