How can check witch plot was found proof?

Hi Guys I was few days ago found proof/ block. But Im try to found witch my plot was get this proof?

2021-05-29T00:45:01.226 harvester chia.harvester.harvester: INFO 3 plots were eligible for farming 2a810d6389... Found 1 proofs. Time: 5.84396 s. Total 701 plots

Congrats on the win! I’m not sure if the exact plot that won is logged, but it should be. The harvester should be logging exactly which plots it checks every time for a variety of reasons but I’m not sure it is at the moment…

Yea fast get block 1 week time aprox.
all time 5/6 pass filter or 2 or 4 plots.
Why I wanna check because I use k-34 plots many as well