How can I add an existing plot to the pool?

I made the plot using version 1.2.2 and did not introduce the pool when I made them. I want to put them in a pool but I can’t find a solution in the Windows interface.
Please guide me if you have a solution.
Thank you

You need to specify the pool when creating your plot. Otherwise, you just create the OG/old plot.

If you want to farm solo, you better create your self-pool NFT first so you can create the NFT plot that you can use to join other pools later. Just updating Chia client to v1.2.2 doesn’t mean it will automatically create the NFT/poolable plot.

If you can plot using MadMax, use it. Don’t waste your time with the current official plotter.

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Thank you for your response.
I thought that building a plot in the new version would only be done in NFT format.
I did not understand why a non-NFT plot should still be built into the software?
Unfortunately, Madmax needs a lot of RAM, which I do not have.
To date, I have used 340 TB of my NVMe life to build an old plot in vain. :pensive:

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MadMax doesn’t need a lot of RAM. It doesn’t use RAM more than the official plotter.

You only need a lot of RAM (128GB) if you want to plot on RAM. However, if you plot on SSD alone, 8GB would be a minimum requirement (same as the official plotter) and 16GB of RAM would be more than enough as it only uses 4GB of RAM per plot plus another 0.5 GB per CPU thread that you want to use. In fact, you could decrease this amount further by using a bigger bucket size, which would also help with your plotting time.

The official plotter, on the other hand, would use a lot more RAM since you need to create plots in parallel if you want to have anything to farm at all :sweat_smile: While you can create one supper fast plot at a time in MadMax. Therefore parallel plotting is not required.

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Currently I have a system with this specification:
AMD 3800X
32GB RAM (2*16)
It can create 8 plots at 10 hours. if I increase RAM to 128GB as you said, how many plots can be create in 10 hours?
Another question is, do I need manually create another plot after one created or it’s automatic with Mad Max?
If I had to provide this amount of RAM for my system, what kind of RAM would you suggest?
Thank you for your response.

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I don’t know how many plots that your system can make if you increase your RAM. But it will be a lot faster than the official plotter since the official plotter only supports multi-threads in phase 1 while MadMax supports multi-threads in all phases.

However, the best part of using RAM in plotting is not the speed but the cost of SSD wearing that’s eliminated.

do I need manually create another plot after one created or it’s automatic with Mad Max?

No, MadMax will do it automatically.

If I had to provide this amount of RAM for my system, what kind of RAM would you suggest?

Any RAM that your budget would allow :sweat_smile:

Even with your current amount of RAM, you can run MadMax(s) in parallel to further improve the plotting speed. The current official plotter is a joke, don’t waste your time using it :sweat_smile:

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Hello kreaninw, so after reading the comments here I created my own self-pool NFT and to my horror my plots dropped from 276 which I was plotting to a Flexpool pool, down to 130plots. Why did this happen??
And what can I do to correct this?

If you always plot to the same NFT key (Flexpool), whether you create another self-pool NFT, this shouldn’t be happening since your NFT plots would be tied to your key no matter what you do.

You can try to re-check your plots’ directories.

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figured out the problem, as it turns out one of the drives disconnected and hence my plots disappeared. all good now. thanks for your insight

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With the help of Mad max, I was able to increase the plot speed for each plot up to 30 minutes. 50 minutes for each plot without RAM disk temp.
For me, facing a power outage, it is wonderful that each plot is generated independently.
If my writing is not correct, it is because I am not fluent in English. Accept my apology.

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