How can I plot on a remote VPS and automatically copy the plots to my local system?

Does anyone know if anyone’s made a program that can be used to continually do the following:

  1. Plot on a remote VPS.
  2. When a plot is complete, start the next plot.
  3. Download the complete plot to a local system.
  4. Delete the plot on the remote VPS after the download/transfer is complete.

I have access to a VPS for free that I would like to plot on to save my NVMe drives some wear. Any suggestions?

You could use Plotman

It’s a plot manager that allows usage of the standard chia plotter as well as madmax plotter, with an option to rsync finished plots to a remote system (called archiving in plotman), so you can let it run unattended filling up plot directories (hdd’s) on a separate farmer machine.
I used it locally, a plotter system and farmer system on the same local network but with some tweaking for working remote network configuration it should be possible to use ‘real’ remote configuration as well.

Don’t know what the download cap on your home internet connection is but with 102GiB/file it will hit that limit pretty fast…

This looks promising, thank you

I don’t have an absolute limit. I just have a speed limit

In that case, I see no concerns :slight_smile:

You’ll have to transfer/rsync the plots faster than you can plot new ones…