How can i sell already made plots

So i have about 300 plots that i want to sell,
how do i do that, whats the average price per plot?

Thanks in advance!!!

Plots can only be farmed by somebody holding the private keys behind the public keys encoded in the plots.

In order for a buyer to use them you there for also need to provide your private key, then after the transfer destroy both the plots and keys on your end.

The buyer has simply no guarantee that you will do this (you can copy the data beforehand, and the buyer won’t be able to tell).

This makes selling the plots unlikely and they have little to no value.

Ye, i thought of that but wasnt shure.

Thanks for the reply.

And if sone1 decides to buy the plots where can i upload them?
And if i want to plot for someone else, how do i do that
do i need acces to their private key?

  1. as mentioned, you selling already made plots with your keys is unlikely.

  2. you can do Plotting as a Service for others,
    they would provide you with their public keys (farmer & pool) and once completed you’d have to give access to them.
    For example you can allow them to download them from your system, but plot sizes are large and most Internet Connections aren’t really suitable for this.
    Another option is to ship a hard disk full of plots to them.

here is a list of PaaS providers:

You can sell your harddrives for the price of storage and destroy the plots.

Find a bigger fool.

There is no way a buyer could rationally trust you without a legally binding contract.

I see following solution - buyer sets as target reward address his own wallet. So all chias will automatically go to other address. Yes seller may have keys, but from empty wallet. Can’t do nothing harmful.

An example how a seller can cheat, and the buyer has no way to verify if he got cheated:

The seller can sell plots + keys to 10 people…
Each one of them farms the same plot (copies) to different wallets
Only one plot (copy) can win at any time, the fastest submission gets the reward and the other 9 are out of luck…

in short: seller gets 10x profit
buyer gets 1/10 of the rewards


On the other hand. That’s a whole lot of work to set up. At this point who’s got 10% of their drives plotted to make 10 copies?

The example comes from the fact that the seller can publish it to download once, then it can be sold and downloaded 10x… no need for the seller to have it stored 10x at any time.

Oh for sure. I would never download plots that weren’t made with my keys. On spinning disk I might consider it, at least I’ll get the drives.