How can I start the crawler service?

Hi, I want to run the crawler service, but no data in the file “crawler.db”. It seems that the crawler service is not at “running status” after I command “chia start crawler”.

Windows10, chia 1.3.5

Can anyone tell me how to get the crawler.db file?

Hopefully somebody has the answer your looking for. I have never used this crawler yet.

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Did you follow this Chia Seeder User Guide to get started?

Do the logs show any messages when you attempt to start the service?

If the service is all configured, and you are not already running a full node, check the logs and see if the errors match this issue, which might explain why it isn’t starting: Crawler does not start in Windows [Bug] · Issue #10798 · Chia-Network/chia-blockchain · GitHub

Thanks for the links. I read the guide but I did not configure the DNS service. I am curious about that if the “crawler” services can run independently or can only be run while “seeder” is configured.

Here is the log.

2022-05-23T22:03:27.594 seeder __main__                   : ERROR    Exception: no such table: good_peers. Traceback: Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "Lib\site-packages\chia\seeder\", line 106, in periodically_get_reliable_peers
  File "aiosqlite\", line 184, in execute
  File "aiosqlite\", line 129, in _execute
  File "aiosqlite\", line 102, in run
sqlite3.OperationalError: no such table: good_peers

Hey @TeroBox ,

Thanks for sharing the logs. It does appear that the seeder portion is trying to read the database and is throwing an error about a table not existing. Based on the screenshot in your first post, it looks like the crawler.db file got created, but has nothing in it.

Try this and see if it works:

  • Stop all Chia services (chia stop all -d)
  • Delete the crawler.db file from .chia/mainnet
  • Start the crawler service: (chia start crawler -r)
  • Monitor the logs for problems

After waiting a few minutes, check to see if the crawler.db file has any content. After a few minutes of starting up, logs should display messages like this when the crawler starts:

2022-05-23T08:55:13.201 full_node chia.seeder.crawl_store : ERROR Loading peer reliability records…
2022-05-23T08:55:13.737 full_node chia.seeder.crawl_store : ERROR - Done loading peer reliability records…
2022-05-23T08:55:13.738 full_node chia.seeder.crawl_store : ERROR Loading peer records…
2022-05-23T08:55:15.025 full_node chia.seeder.crawl_store : ERROR - Done loading peer records…

Note, the messages are not errors. The crawler uses the error log level since INFO messages are not written by default.

Let us know how that works out.

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On this page chiadog/ at main · martomi/chiadog (
Under the

cd C:\Users\[YOUR-USER]\
git clone
cd chiadog
there is no chiadog directory, what did I miss? 

I did install the # Create a new virtual environment in this folder called 'venv'
python.exe -m venv venv
 What other items can I read ??


Yes, it works. My client tracked info now, thanks for your time!

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