How can I understand which plots belong to spacepool?

I counted my plots both on chia program and my spacepool directory. 2 missing on chia program. obviously I forgot to select pool while doing 2 plots.

1- is there a way of understanding which one are those 2 plots are not added to the pool?
2- is there a way of addind them to the pool without deleting them and redoing the process?

Do you have more than one pool shown under the pools tab?

no, I have only one pool

Look through the plots on plot tab in gui.

Or not 100% here but should work, find the different address you need to embed to make a non pool plot, and use search function to find places in your drives with that address.

that didn’t come to my mind. but I solved it with a practical solution. I sent each plot to recycle bin one by one, then checked if the plot numbers match both on pool and farm tab. finally after deleting 2 plots they matched, so those 2 plots must have been the ones that were not in pool. problem solved for me now. thanks for the suggestion anyway.