How can my harvester connetc to my farmer peer(through public ip)

If my farmer peer on computer A (has a public ipA ,through upnp relay the 8447 port)

my harvester computer on different place ,so has another public ipB.

i config my harvester :1.copy ca from the computer A .
2.chia init -c /root/ca
3.chia configure --set-farmer-peer ipA:8447
4.chia plots add …
5.chia start havester
after all steps ,But my harverster can not connect to my computer A
netstat show: tcp 0 0 ipA:8447 TIME_WAIT -
but i success telnet ipA 8447

why ???

Based on:

…you are running Linux on your harvester box “B”?
Are you running Linux on box “A” (farmer), too?

Does computer “A” have a firewall, such as Defender (if Windows) or something else, if Linux?

Disable computer “A’s” firewall, and see if computer “A” acknowledges the presence of your remote harvester.

If the connection gets established, then you have to create a firewall rule to allow the connection.
If the connection does not get established, then someone else will have to offer a solution.

Now i fix it。 beacuse i use the mmx to make plots。

so i must use mmx software on computer A and B。

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