How can my system be more stable when plotting ?!

I’m really confused now. Ever since I pulled one of three nvme out and swapped a few hdd’s my system is unstable as hell, constant BSOD, like all the time, just browsing folders or doing nothing but running the hpool miner, it crashes and then again 3 minutes after restarting. Have seen 3 or 4 different error messages.

Here’s the rather insane exception, when I’m running madmax in powershell…all running fine, no problem at all.

anyone got a theory?

In any case I’ve decided that I am sick and tired of that stupid blue screen, so I’m switching everything to Ubuntu this weekend. Me and windows are done!

I have an issue where, in my infinite wisdom, I was messing with drive caching. I took out the PCIe to NVMe adapter (cache drive) from my server to use it in my gaming PC/plotter. Now I cannot reboot the server because I won’t be able to remote back into it (semi-headless server). There is a registry key in my case causing the drive caching software to be looked for, not be seen, and crash the system on reboot. I also had an issue with transferring plots to the server and on sustained load to any drive, it would BSOD and reboot.

My constant rebooting issue was solved by removing and reconnecting a USB 4TB HDD to a different port. I still cannot trigger a reboot in Windows because instant BSOD. I may reinstall Windows next weekend on the server, once all plots are on the drives, but I am scared about RAID configs if I do that.

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Can only suggest a standard checklist for ruling out things that might have been knocked when you were removing NVMes - check memory & all PCIe cards are properly seated, check fans haven’t been accidentally disconnected etc.

I find Windows practically unusable personally - every PC I interact with has some variant of Linux installed, I haven’t used Windows for so long that I don’t really know how to make sense of any possible issues with it anymore. Whenever I’ve installed it on spare disks I’ve found it frustrating, barbaric even - you go to random websites and download binaries? WTF?

If checking all the hardware doesn’t narrow down the problem, welcome to Linux, you’ll probably never look back.

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Yeah I think I’m going to be happy with Linux, at least for plotting.

I’m quite sure the pcie riser nvme getting pulled caused the problems, a reinstall would probably solve it.

Just soo weird that when running the Madmax plotter, all the problems seem to go away.
I actually had this before as well running with Swar, as soon as I stoppen the plot manager, I often had Bsod right after that