How can you sell chia Plots?

Hey, i am pretty new to Chia and was wondering how one could sell chia plots to a different person. What would I have to do?

Thanks, wasn’t sure which topic to post this in, so sorry if this is the wrong one.

selling chia plots or selling chia xch coins they are 2 different things. 1 chia plot selling low as £1 per plot… chia xch selling around £536 day of post

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yeah sorry, I missed a word there, i want to sell plots. but as far as i understand they are linked to a account/fingerprint, so how does one do that?

I think there is a difference between plotting for someone prospectively and selling plots you’ve already made. Correct me if I am wrong, but ready made plots would only be valid with the private key that goes with them. Plots you make for others can be plotted with farmer and pool keys supplied by the other person. Plotting for someone else: What needs to be done?


yes ready made plots are useless without the private key… creating new plots you will need the public key from the person your creating plots for

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Thanks for that. Especially that link helped a lot :+1:

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