How check each plot how much pass filter?

How check each plot how much pass filter?
I can only see debug plots how many pass.
But I want see each plot name and counting how many times 24h passed filter.

I don’t think the specific plots checked by the harvester are logged, even at the INFO level. But they should be…

I am curious, what would you do with this information? How would it be helpful?

Looking for luckier plots?

Validating plots are somehow not corrupted?

There are 4608 * 2 or 9216 signage points per day so the average plot should pass the filter 18 times per 24 hours on average.
Once a plot passes the plot filter it then competes for the best proof of space with every other plot that also passed that plot filter for that signage point. For reasons that aren’t super simple to intuit, the only thing each plot is competing on is to have the best proof of space and thus the chances of getting a reward depend on total size of plots on the farm - even with the plot filter in place.