How could I do something similar to mutual funds but with Chia?

The idea is simple: to be able to sell part of my mining to people interested in receiving dividends.

On the Burst blockchain was relatively easy to do it. I created an asset, sold parts and then paid automatically every month.

But how could I do anything similar in chia? tokens?

Where can I start to investigate?

Thank you.

I’m not sure if totally understand the business case - could you restate it more clearly?

By “Mining” you mean “Farming”, which means you’d already have a farm full of plots ready to go, let’s say 1 PiB. Let’s say that cost you $15,000 in hardware to build and plot over a 3 month period of time.

Now you sell a portion of the rights to the XCH that farm generates a day/week/month… so I’m giving you say $1,000 for some % of the XCH.

So as long as the XCH I get from you for my $1,000 is cheaper than the XCH I could BUY from HashGreen or Farm myself - then it works, right?

Is this the gist?

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