How do Hard Disk Drives Work?

Some of you might find this to be interesting:

I am fascinated by how brilliant some people are, to engineer these devices, and to manufacturer them at scale.

I never met anyone that could engineer a floppy disk – let alone writing hundreds of millions of bits, per second, to a platter spinning at speeds where the centrifugal force must be off the charts. The precision needed to keep the platters spinning smoothly at that speed is also a testament to the brilliance of the people that create these drives.


I never met anyone that could engineer a floppy disk

I mean, thats quite possible.
(considered you did not specify any limitation (min x capacity or min x speed)
also, the advantage we have is that we know the technology already.

The disk is not metal I think. I think its some kind of glass with a thin metal layer sealed on it.
I shattered one once and cut me on the shards.

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I watched it. Frankly, I don’t believe any of it. And even if it were true, hard drives must cost millions of dollars, not $40 for 2TB like the video suggests. Fake news!!


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