How do I check chia version in ubuntu?

How do I check which chia version I have in ubuntu dekstop? GUI shows 0.0 under help->about.


cd ~/chia-blockchain
. ./activate
chia -h


In terminal, change to your installation directory and run

. ./activate

then run

chia version

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Ha! Nice one, thanks! I’ve been curious as well, I know what version I’m on from git, but it’s nice to know there is a way. Wish the interface would just show it.

I’d send a pull request but no idea where to start😅

Can’t you also tell by just looking at ~/chia-blockchain/app1.1.x ? That was my first thought.

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Yeah looking at the path there was an idea I had too! The version number is literally in the path!

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There’s an issue for it by the way but no pointers on where to look, and I have no idea how to debug anything in Electron :sweat_smile: - it would make for a nice little pull request.

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