How Do I Get Two Different Full Nodes Working on the Same Network?

I understand that this isn’t recommended. The situation is two different people farming from the same house. Combining together is not an option.

I tried changing all instances of port “8444” to “38444” in the config file of the second machine. Both Full Nodes were connected with plots passing and feeding the pools. The second machine’s wallet wasn’t syncing though, I’m sure there were other similar issues.

I saw in this video, starting at 7:38, that it’s possible to have two full nodes but requires some advance configuring.

I had two full nodes of flax running before, this seemed to give no problem as I was winning more than the biggest node was indicating. But, no guarantees there…

An other thing I think would be relatively easy to do if you have the option on your router is to create a Vlan/guest access for the second system. Think that should work fine

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To run multiple full nodes, you need to disable UPNP (either on the router, or, on each full-node-running machine).

First do the usual thing:
cd C:\Users\YourMachine\AppData\Local\chia-blockchain\app-2.5.7\resources\app.asar.unpacked\daemon

and then

chia configure -upnp false

Now you can run as many full nodes you wish on the same network. A simple restart (at least any Chia app) is needed to take effect.

I do have UPnP turned off on the router and each machine

Then, if one machine is fully synced, delete the db on the other and copy the full db from the synced machine.

I don’t know how to setup a VLAN, but I’ll do some research and try it.

Yes, the same db has been copied over for the full node and wallet. The wallet on the 2nd machine was caught up to that height but was no longer updating.

U don’t. There is 0 reason to run 2 full… I can help you with harvesters tho… arghh.

My toaster that has usb is also a harvester Of me booty chia yahhhrgggg

two separate people and farms, they don’t co-mingle. I understand harvesting, not an issue.

First of all, I would pick one of the smaller forks and install it for both users. The lower the ETW the better. Use this to quickly confirm that whatever your solution, it’s still possible for both users to actually win blocks.

Now, the first thing I would try would be to let both users use all the same default ports, don’t try to change them. Flip a coin to pick one of you as the one with upnp enabled. Then, the other one manually connects (“Connect to peer” via the GUI) on port 8444 (or your test fork’s port) via the internal LAN network to the one that is upnp enabled in order to maintain sync.

I think that would serve to keep both synced. But could they both actually win blocks independently? I think so, but that’s where proving it with a tiny netspace fork comes in handy.

Actually, just saw a similar thread on reddit where someone said they successfully ran two full nodes by running them on independent VPNs. That’s an intriguing idea that might work in your situation.


Thanks, in process learning VPNs

doesnt work. cant get nodes to sync using Nord

Nord doesn’t support port forwarding, you would need a vpn that does support port forwarding I think for this to work

why do you want 2 full nodes so badly? whats are you after by doing so?
maybe can help u with a solution to that…
I personally have a farmer machine… that holds no hdds. a fast. well networked machine
a few harvesters that feed him… for better response times…
its less things the farmer/full node has to worry about…
the harvester protocol is very very fast…
faster than even a farmer can harvest…
its says first paragraph of farming on many machines. “will make your farm faster”

so I have a perfectly harmonized fully synced setup over there… in the garage

but I do have a laptop.
I use to remote manage the whole thing… vnc ect.
but I ALSO have installed on said Mac Pro. have a 2nd full chia node…
nothing in my setup points to it.
I took the time to sync this node whist my other was down…
this is where I keep my cold wallet… and check in on things manually. now and then.
if I want to switch nfts or or send money I can do it from the full node I have installed on my MacBook. I keep both keys on my Mac full node so I can do so.

just dont keep it on very long or the traffic gets very confused and you will start missing challenges,
no way around that…
unless you route traffic like 1990’s police officer on a Friday in the middle of new York.
its not worth the hassle.

but if I new more about your real goal could help with that…
are you trying to use 2 full nodes to farm? with the same keys? wont work.

are u using 2 different keys? than youl have to look after 2 different keyd plots… doesnt work

are you trying to get twice as many challenges? only 1 ip gets the challenges. don’t work
even if u where on 2 different wifis. with 2 full nodes… you cant use the same plots with the same keys on 2 remote full nodes at the same time… it is caught immediately by network…
than you also have to split up the storage you own… so doesnt make sense

I dont know how to make more clear that running 2 nodes is udderly useless and entirely router productive and will do way way more harm and 0 good… here there anywhere…

Im here to help…
if somone says to run 2 full nodes or tries to help u with that… they want to watch you fall on your face

good luck

stay safe on here

haha gawd you guys are brutal.
cant you give some people a fighting chance.
if u used a vpn… with 2 ips… wich is extremely basic to setup.
every smart person has already thought of this idea…
its a bad idea and will kill any chance you have of winning

You would still need 2 different keys
that means managing 2 entirely different setups.
wich is pointless… and slow…

and nords vpn keeps every port open. why can I torrent movies with it on than?? haha gawd ur a joker.

spread more lies.

seriously can stop laphin right now… is this real on here? are all forums like this…?

Two different people in the same house, one moving in as a roommate, each with their own separate equipment with different keys and farms already plotted.

From Nordvpn:

Does port forwarding work with a VPN?

Port forwarding and triggering could work with a VPN protocol in general, but not with NordVPN. Our apps block almost all port communication from within your device except for the ones most commonly used by popular applications. This was a tough decision that may inconvenience some users, but we’d like to explain why we did this.

@drjones If you have something useful to say that actually helps the OP with your apparently fast and deep knowledge of all things, please do so. If you are just here to be a dick, go find another place to bother people please.

Also maybe bother to actually ready the OP’s posts, they are 2 people sharing the same internet connection. They both have their own setup their own keys and want to keep it separated.


do you think if u put things inside of a little box its more believable?

and it still doesn’t negate the point of what I said.

allow me to go have a chat with them ill give ya a direct quote

I have a dd-wrt router I made myself. I can use whatever vpn id like and can forward any port or trigger

all besides the point of…
if you run 2 full nodes you will NEVER win a block

and anyone says different is a


follow the holy scriptures or dont. I dont care. better for me if u dont listen to me I guess…

but dont be a sucker

it just drives me nuts the lies they push on here.