How do I set up a cloud plotting business?

Hi guys!

Some time ago I heard about cloud plotting. Can give me more information about this topic?

For example I can to set up config which will generate up to 700 plots per day. But how it looks from a technical standpoint??

And what’s price I can sell the plots?

I will glad to get any answers and any guides.

First of all thanks for your time!

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You need to be more specific. Some food for thought. You need to know what you want. Do you want to set up a web service hosted at your location and plot away? That takes servers like the Dell R720 or R730 and Dell/EMC storage SAS expansion boxes to store all the plots.

OR are you planning on doing something like Linode or AWS or another virtual cloud server? For that, you pay per XGB in and YGB out. Not worth it as anyone could just do that themselves.

I just wanna to sell the plots which I will generate. For example some man wanna to get one thousand plots but he can’t to get it for two, three days (short time) and here I am who can do it.

He can buy its service of me.

I think that it service looks like

And I want to understand what I need for it and how the profit for a plot


This is not for you. If you want someone to write you a business model from top to bottom and spell it out, I am not the person and this may not be the place to get that. Google it and you may find a better answer.

There has been extensive evaluation of the profitability of Chia farming to the cloud.

Forget it. Any possible profit is lost by the cost of cloud rental. It gets worse if you are also paying for the plotting.

Over time your rent and storage remain static while the total Chia network grows. I is a dwindling income with fixed expenses problem.

If you want to farm Chia with any hope of profit than it must be plotted and stored on your owned hardware.

You seem to have found a cloud solution for your particular problem but for most, plotting to the cloud is not a profitable venture.

Be well! :smiley:

He wanted someone to write him a business plan and all of what he needed to setup a website and all the hardware needed to plot and sell plots and distribute them over the internet.

Stupid idea. Never gonna work.

Cloud plotting is a good idea, if you have limited capacity of creating new plots. Soon it will be needed when you will want to move to pools, then you would most probably need new plots, fast. I have used and it works as expected. There are however many options right now available.

You all miss the point of this thread. I think Fon22 wants to host his own cloud service selling plots he makes for individuals who come to him. He doesn’t know enough to ask the questions needed. I don’t think he even has the hardware yet. He doesn’t even know what output he will get so he knows what price per plot he can charge. I don’t want to get started with buying plots over the internet. I’m OUT of this topic.

You can buy the storage for the cost of every few months rent. Renting is simply counter productive.

Would you rent a house if you could buy it for the price of three months rent?

Good luck selling plots at a profit and say goodbye to the money you spend on rent.

Be well!

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If you have no clue about coding. Just forget it.

And this business would need no employees. You can 100% automate it. But you will need 10G Internet or better plus your provider is gonna start charging you for traffic. I think mine includes 800 TB per month, after that you need to sign up for a per TB business plan.