How do I setup my farm to optimally use my hardware?

Hey guys!
I’ve seen a bunch for questions like mine on this forum, but none match up (perfectly) with my setup.
My overall question is, how should I set up my farm?

Ok, so I’ve got an old PC with a Samsung PM951 NVMe M.2 512 gb read 1050 mb/s write 560 mb/s. It’s got about 430 gb of space available. It’s got 32 gb of Corsair DDR4 memory running @ 2133 MHz and an Intel i7-6700K 6th gen. quad core CPU with 8 threads. I’ve got about 2400 gb of available storage space on a NAS on my local network.

Do I need to get myself an SSD to add to this PC?

How should I distribute my plots? Like, I could have two plots with the size of 884,1 gb and one plot with 429,8 gb, or some other combination? For example:

2 x k=35, 1 x k=34
11 x k=33
5 x k=34, 1 x k=33
1 x k=35, 3 x k=34, 1 x k=33

How should I set up my farm in terms of choosing parallel plotting or queued plotting?

If I plot in parallel, what kinda delay is ideal between plots?

How many threads should I use?

Thanks in advance guys!

You can use this tool to plan how many plots to make to optimally fill a hard drive:

That said, since you’re just starting out, just plot k 32’s until you get the hang of things. CLI may be daunting, but it’s really your friend. Have you read the Chia Github Wiki? A bunch of what you asked is answered there.

You can run plots in parallel. One plot per core so you could do 4 plots in parallel. Each plot happens in 4 phases and each phase utilizes a certain resource more than others so you want to stagger them to avoid overwhelming that resource.


Thanks for the reply @roybot

Have I understood correctly that I’m limited by the size of my NVMe drive to using K=32 because my temporary space is less than 521 GiB / 560 gb, and thus with k=33 I’d go over my current capacity?

And another thing: If I set up a series of plots in queue, running two threads, filling up my current disk. If I later add another storage HDD and set up a new series of plots running two threads, would I be correct in assuming I’d be utilizing four threads, and that I’m in practice running two plots in parallel?