How do I use the madmax variable -w introduced in 0.07

help just sais
“-w, --waitforcopy Wait for copy to start next plot”

Does this mean that from 0.07 it does not wait for copy by default and -w activates it or do I use “-w 0” or “-w n” to make it parallel run while copying?


Enabling -w tells the script to stop when the plot is created and wait until the copy to the final destination has completed before beginning the next plot.

That is my understanding.

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OP - What normally happens is that plot 1 completes, then begins to copy, this is essentially a separate process, plot 2 begins plotting immediately. With any type of really fast copy, such as to another directory on the same disk, this is more or less instant. Setting -w or not makes no difference.

With the -w option the enabled, plot 1 plots, then copies, nothing else happens until this is complete, then plot 2 begins.

I can only assume it is for situations where the speed of copying, lets say its over a slow network connection, is too slow to keep up with plot creation, which will cause the temp drive to fill up and then plotting to stop/crash. That being said you could solve this problem by reducing the core count, to slow plotting down, as plotting at maximum speed is only worthwhile if you can move the plots to the final drive at least as fast as you can plot them.

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Good evening everyone.

After plot complete, my final directory is in my harvester computer.While second plot starts immediately, the previous plot file is being copy at the same time over network to my harvester, and I never had any interruption on my plotting machine, or slow down in plotting times.

I’m using madmax.

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I am running Chia version 1.2.11 on Windows 10.

When I run, for example:
chia plotters madmax -n 10 … etc…
…when a plot completes, the next plot does not start its creation process until the completed one copies to its final destination.

In other words, it runs as if -w is present.

Is this happening to anyone else?

It can happen when the copy of the previous plot (that is, the one before the one that just completed) is not finished yet. That is because madmax can only manage 1 copy and 1 plotting : when there is still one plot copying to another drive, the copy of the finished plot cannot take place, and the plotter waits.

Then what is the purpose of the -w option? madmax seems to conduct itself exactly the same way, whether you use -w or you do not use -w.

The -w is one of those that don’t work as intended in 1.2.11 - see Madmax command line syntax - #12 by billy

To never transfer a file while plotting. What I described is an edge case, make sure your drive is fast enough.

I do not understand.

If I use the -w option, then the madmax plot waits for the copy to complete before starting the creation of the next plot.

If I do not use the -w option, then the madmax plot waits for the copy to complete before starting the creation of the next plot.

Using the -w or not using the -w results in exactly the same operations. So what is the point of it?

If you do not use the -w option, madmax will start working on the next plot, except in the situation I described.