How do you cool your ssds?

I bought Meshify Compact 2 which has two decent front fans and one exhaust. I got 3 m2 ssd with heatsink but they still get pretty hot, especially one close to the CPU. It’s not even summer and the drives are almost always above 60 C / 140 degrees Fahrenheit. I saw some people cutting hole to the side and pointing fan on drives, which I would prefer not to do. Only think I can think of is replacing front fans with some noctuas but I am not sure, it makes much of a differnce.

I know thats a not so awesome picture lol, but Im cooling 3 nmves with a 14

0mm cooler.

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Dude… were you at a rave?

There are also ssd heatsinks with active cooling.
Also, pcie to m.2 adapters often have much bigger heatsinks.

By happy chance the dirt cheap case I bought (cooler master n300) is from another era and has a fan mount on the left sidepanel.

wait to see the other ones Im mounting lol :fireworks:

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I’m one of the people who instead of cutting a hole in the case decided to just remove the side panel, point a 140mm and call it a day. Down from 58c + 49c on each NVME in a PCI-E adapter to 35c + 32c respectively.

Airflow is all you need. I have small heatsinks on em, but nothing too insane. Airflow is king.


Nothing? They run at good temps with the case airflow.

Galvanized Steel Hanging Strap and a PC fan.

They used to have PC fans on a gooseneck connected to a PCI slot cover, but I have not been able to find them.

I snipped off some excess strap from the duct coming out of the furnace and the holes matched the fan I was using. At the minimum, the hole in the strap seems to work well with the fan screws. Bent the strap into an L shape and fit it inside the pc case to further cool the aftermarket fan-cooled M.2 heatsink that I put on the drive.

I know this is not the correct way, but easy fix with a clip on fan i had laying around and Nvmes are cool to the touch now.


Same… I’ve never had an issue with temps as far as i can tell. HWinfo has them at 40c ish